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Basement Waterproofing in Delhi Township, MI

Basement Waterproofing Delhi Township, MI

Property and homeowners living and working in and around the greater Delhi Township, Michigan, are unfortunately quite familiar with the damage created by crawl space and/or basement leaks. Basement waterproofing in Delhi Township can help prevent water issues from damaging the basement foundation, major home support systems – and everything else in the home – from clothing to electronics and everything in between.

Homeowners can proactively protect their home/investment from water damage by using professional waterproofing companies in Delhi Township that offer years of experience and expert service.

Climate in Delhi Township, MI

Delhi Township’s climate tends to be on the moist side. While the average annual rain amount in Delhi Township nears the U.S. average (about 3 feet of rain), Delhi Township receives, on average, 64% more snow than the nation’s average – 46 inches vs. 28 inches. Delhi Township receives an annual average of 131 ‘precipitation days.’

Common Delhi Township, MI Basement Problems
Water, in and of itself, can be incredibly damaging. Water chooses the easiest path that offers the least resistance into your home. Water enters a property through a basement wall or window at the lowest levels.

Water entering a property in a basement or crawl space can cause mold and mildew, often including hard-to-miss musty smells. Unchecked water damage can also lead to significant foundation damage or even a need to repair existing walls that have become bowed by water infiltrating low sections of the property.

Many times, without necessary foundation repair in Delhi Township/Ingham County, water leaks and the resulting damage will ruin household items and other personal belongings and ultimately may create health issues.

Water Damage Warning Signs
These are the most common basement floor and wall problems for property owners in this southcentral part of Michigan. To stay ahead of these problems, exterior basement waterproofing offers an effective solution for-

Mold & Mildew Issues

Damaged or ruined belongings and furniture, and belongings is just the beginning. Mold and mildew, if left unchecked, can cause health issues and circulate throughout the house through vents and A/C conduits.

Basement Flooding

Wet basements and flooding can occur any time of the day or the year and is often unexpected.


Many factors contribute to musty smells. A musty smell is often the first sign of a water leak or a moisture problem.

Warping Walls or Wood Rot

Sheetrock absorbs water and this, in turn, warps the walls. If the walls are made of wood, water can cause wood rot.

Foundation Solutions 360 Basement Waterproofing Solutions
The good news for property owners in Delhi Township, MI, is that there are a variety of waterproofing systems and solutions

French Drains 

This type of customizable drainage system has the potential to solve complex water issues.

Sump Pump Systems -with a Battery Backup

Sump pumps are designed to detect rising water levels and move water from the basement to the home’s exterior and away from the foundation.

Installing a Basement Humidifier

A humidifier removes humidity, which can cause mold and mildew to build up over time.

Repairing Floor Cracks

After repair, re-cement the floor but be certain to install a drainage and perimeter channel.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing
Choosing to proactively protect your home by waterproofing your basement provides important benefits. While basement waterproofing may add to the home’s resale value, it will also offer its owners and residents the following –

  • A healthier overall air quality.
  • The prevention of the growth of mold spores in a wet basement.
  • The mitigation of the potential for flooding and resulting damage.
  • The protection of the home’s structural support foundation.
  • The provision of a reliably dry and comfortable living environment, to name a few.

Why Choose Foundation Solutions 360

Basement waterproofing in Delhi Township, MI, should always be a part of a property owner’s maintenance to-do list. If you need assistance identifying or repairing basement leaks, please reach out to our experts for a free estimate and professional guidance at Foundation Solutions 360.