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Basement Waterproofing Livingtson County, MI

Basement waterproofing livingston countyLeaky basements are a common occurrence in Livingston County, MI, so water damage is something this county’s residents deal with regularly. A wet basement should be taken very seriously. It is a problem that should be tackled with haste, and basement waterproofing in Livingston County, MI, is sure to be a top-notch job when it’s done by the professionals at Foundation Solutions 360.

Climate in Livingston, MI

Precipitation comes down year-round in Livingston County, MI, and humid climates are often the enemy of a homeowner. All homes, whether in a new development or a historic district, are susceptible to severe damage when the surrounding soil cyclically shrinks and expands. The area is very near Lake St. Clair, as well as the Great Lakes, and this causes tons of rainfall in summer and snowfall in the winter.

Residents of Livingston County must rely on waterproofing systems like vapor barrier wall liners and French drains. Another such drainage system is a sump pump that carries water out of your basement. If you use a sump pump, you will always want to have a battery backup, so that it will perform its duties even if the electricity goes out.

Common Livingston County, MI Basement Problems

Water issues are the cause of almost all basement problems. Here are a few of the most common basement issues.

  • Flooding: When there is a path to follow, water will take it into your basement, and in Livingston County, there is plenty of water to contend with. Water leaks can also create other problems. If your basement floods, you or a family member could get electrocuted when the water rises to the level of the hot water heater, get sick from the mold and mildew dampness breeds, or be plagued by various pests.
  • Mold and mildew: Sometimes, even when the floor seems all dried up, the baseboards are still saturated. It really doesn’t take much to breed mold and mildew – just moisture and warmth, and breathing these spores can cause critical respiratory health problems.
  • Foundation problems: Foundation issues can leave your home with irreparable damage. Your home doesn’t have to flood to ruin your foundation. A basement that is allowed to remain wet for a long period of time, a water leak that is dismissed for too long, or settling of the basement floor that is not attended to can leave your basement foundation with serious damage.

These are glaring reasons why Livingston County basement waterproofing is so important. You need to protect your home.

Water Damage Warning Signs

It doesn’t just happen suddenly. Your home will show signs of water damage, telling you it’s time to act. Here are some warning signals that your foundation is in trouble.

  • Horizontal or stair-step cracks: While vertical cracks in your basement wall may not be that serious, horizontal or stair-step cracks in brick or concrete block walls indicate you may have a grave issue with your foundation.
  • Buckled, bulging, or cracking drywall: When the temperature changes and it precipitates and dries, the soil expands and contracts, putting hydrostatic pressure on your foundation walls. This causes them to bulge inward and crack.
  • Cracks around windows and doors: When your foundation is moving, you may experience cracks around your windows and doors.
  • Sticking, jamming windows and doors: A moving foundation will also cause windows and doors to begin to stick and jam, not opening and closing easily the way they used to.
  • Concrete slab floor cracks: Basement floor cracks also point to a grave foundation issue. If you have cracks in your basement floor or your floor is uneven, seek foundation repair immediately.
  • Tilting, leaning chimneys: A home that is settling on one side will often have a chimney that begins to lean to that side.

A quality exterior basement waterproofing system that protects your walls and floors will ensure these catastrophes don’t come knocking at your door.

Foundation Solutions 360 Basement Waterproofing Solutions

With years of experience behind us, Foundation Solutions 360 provides professional waterproofing solutions for new foundations and damaged foundations. We offer the most innovative, tried-and-true methods around, such as wall anchors and beams, low-pressure injections, and helical piers.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

The benefits of basement waterproofing are many. Here are only a few.

  • Basement flooding prevention
  • Family wellness
  • Energy conservation
  • Asset protection
  • Rise in home value
  • Structural conservation
  • Money conservation

Get a free estimate today. Contact Foundation Solutions 360 for basement waterproofing Livingston County, MI.

We can fortify your new foundation or repair your old one, leaving you to worry about more personal matters. Foundation Solutions 360 is veteran owned and operated, and we use “Made in USA” parts, equipment, and sealants.