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Do you have moisture problems? Is your basement turning into an unwanted pool? Do you have standing water in your home? Don’t let these issues fester in your home — take advantage of what Foundation Solutions 360 can offer you.

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As a Michigan-based company, we offer basement waterproofing in Hazel Park MI. Additionally, if you’re dealing with foundation or crawlspace issues, then we can help with those as well. With more than 20 years of experience, our team of hardworking individuals strives to create solutions to housing problems. Call (855) 532-5360 to schedule your free estimate for foundation repair.

Take Advantage Of These Stellar Services

As we touched on above, our veteran owned and operated company offers many services to keep your home secure. These include:

  • Basement Waterproofing: One of our most common services, basement waterproofing takes care of standing water and other moisture issues you may be dealing with. Mold, mildew, and cracks can occur due to a basement that’s not waterproofed. Keep in mind that what may seem like a small issue can turn much larger problem when you’re dealing with water in the basement.
  • Foundation Repair: Taking care of the foundation of your home is imperative. Without a sturdy foundation, you could be looking at a home that’s dangerous to reside in. If you notice leaning walls or cracks, then our foundation repair services can help.
  • Crawlspace Repair: Fix the moisture and the mold in your crawlspace with this service. Many homes in Michigan do not have a vapor barrier, and this can leave the area under your home sensitive to moisture. Moisture can create damage to the crawlspace under your home, especially because of the unwanted water that’s left in the house. Avoid getting mildew and mold in your home by repairing the crawlspace under your home.

For more information on what our services can do for you, contact us today.

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