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Basement Waterproofing Leonard, MI

Basement waterproofing Leonard, MIPeople who live in Leonard County, MI, should pay close attention to the condition of their basements. This area of the state receives significant amounts of precipitation throughout the year, which can cause basement leakage and foundation problems. If you’re not already planning to get exterior Basement Waterproofing services, now is the time to learn more about the dangers of water damage and the benefits of having professional assistance to prevent this hazard. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of water damage and what to do when it happens.

Climate in Leonard, MI

The climate in Leonard, Michigan, is diverse, and this area receives approximately 70 or more inches of precipitation annually. The rainfall in the area consists of over 60 days of rain and snow. Once the snow falls in the cooler months, it can remain on the ground for dozens of weeks. Once the snow melts, it seeps into the ground, where it can find its way into your basement and walls.

Common Leonard, MI Basement Problems

The most common issue with basements in Leonard is dampness throughout the home. Initially, it’s experienced as wet walls and floors, but over time this moisture produces mold and mildew on all surfaces throughout the house. Once water damage becomes more advanced, it can begin to seep its way into building materials and create electrical hazards. Another common basement problem is foundation issues. Water erosion can create a foundation that sinks or cause an uneven distribution of weight, which causes cracks in the foundation and along the home’s walls.

Water Damage Warning Signs

Perhaps one of the first signs you’ll notice is your basement wall will be damp throughout the day. Eventually, the basement floor will be wet to the touch. The moisture from this slow water leakage will make its way throughout the home as humidity. Over time, you may begin to notice your basement walls start leaning or bowing. You may even begin to see your basement foundation crack and the internal or external walls. This warning sign or symptom of water damage may also signal foundation sinking or damage to your crawl space.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing systems help provide a barrier of protection against water damage and foundation issues. It also helps preserve and protect your home’s contents, including furniture, clothing, and fabrics such as carpets and drapes. Additionally, waterproofing your basement can prevent you or your family from developing health issues such as allergies. A waterproof basement is dry and comfortable year-round and helps make your space ideal for hosting guests, building a laundry room, or any other recreational activity. Anyone planning on selling their home in the future will also want to ensure their home is adequately waterproofed because it increases the resale value.

Foundation Solutions 360 Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Water issues in basements are extremely common throughout Michigan. If you begin to notice that you have a wet basement or your home feels extraordinarily humid and damp, it’s the first sign that you need to contact Foundation Solutions 360 to get the necessary services to protect your home and family. We have years of experience dealing with the various basement and Foundation issues in Michigan.

Basement water issues and foundation problems can become serious quickly and can risk the entire structure’s integrity and even the health of anyone living in the home as a result of mold and mildew build up and even fire hazards. We offer various options, including French drains, basement foundation repairs, and waterproofing services. Currently, we have incredible waterproofing offers that make protecting your investment even more appealing.

Contact Foundation Solutions 360

If you’re currently experiencing water leaks and related foundation problems, now is the time to contact a professional company like Foundation Solutions 360. We offer various products and services related to foundation repair, exterior basement waterproofing, and drainage system maintenance, but we also provide a sump pump and battery backup for homes that need a little extra help keeping them dry throughout the year. Call us today for a free estimate, and let us provide our expert insight and details regarding your particular situation.