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Basement Waterproofing Ortonville, MI

Basement waterproofing Ortonville

Climate in Ortonville, MI

Ortonville, MI experiences heavy rainfall and severe snowstorms at least a few times a year. The climate in Ortonville, MI also includes 3-6 months of moderate precipitation that affects home foundations.

Common Ortonville, MI Basement Problems

Cracks in Walls And Floors

Cracks in walls and floors often occur as the ground below your home shifts. The earth sinking beneath it also cannot support your basement floor anymore.

The dirt movement causes basement wall pressure too. That’s when the weakening of your home foundation system and wall frames begins. After that, the basement wall material itself, usually made of concrete, begins to disintegrate.

Crumbling Walls and Floors

Sometimes, natural wear and tear erodes your concrete surfaces. It also happens as water continues to soak through the untreated wall and floor materials.

Bowing, Leaning Walls And Sinking Foundation

If you see bowing walls, that’s another sign that something is wrong with your basement foundation. Addressing this issue could prevent you from requiring crack repairs later.

Repairing a sinking foundation can also stop your floors from bowing and cracking.

Water Damage

Sometimes, your surfaces feel wet even if you don’t see water leaks. It doesn’t always take much either. A broken window seal or microscopic holes in your concrete can gradually raise underground water levels in your home.

Mold and Mildew

The toughest place to keep mold out of your home is in the basement. That’s because untreated concrete has pores in it, which water can soak into. This raises humidity levels.

Concrete can also lose its strength if drenched with too much water. That’s the spots where the mold, mildew and other pathogens or parasites would grow the fastest.

Sump Pump Damage

The sump pump may burn out because of overuse. It also may have stopped working because basement flooding affected the underground power lines. Your battery backup for your sump pump, washer and dryer or other appliances may also be affected.

Water Damage Warning Signs

Look out for these signs that you might need basement or crawl space repair.

Wet Basement Walls and Floors

Before walls and floors crack, you might notice moisture on them. This condensation raises humidity levels and creates the environment for toxic pathogens to take up residence here.

Water Stains (Surface Discoloration)

You’re probably wondering by now how water can stain your basement walls and floors. It happens when the walls accumulate enough moisture to thin out any coat of paint covering them.

Surface discoloration also occurs as mold, mildew, fungi or other organisms continue to thrive in the moisture. A pipe bursting or water leaks near your toilet also may have deposited waste water on the basement floor and its walls.

Furniture Out of Place

This might make you feel like you’re losing your mind. It might also scare you a little.

Perhaps you could have sworn your laundry folding table was a little further to the left, for instance. Otherwise, you may hear something slide, drop or fall over.

You’re not going crazy, and this really is happening. When this occurs, it doesn’t mean your house is possessed, though for a split second it may seem that way. There’s also a less than one percent chance that an earthquake just took place in Ortonville, MI, so it isn’t likely to be that.

Weight of a home, plumbing problems, heavy wind and rain — all that contribute to a weakened foundation. Objects may also shift when you least expect them to as foundation problems worsen.

Unpleasant Odors

Some water-feeding organisms give off a pungent odor, with toxic mold being one of the most unpleasant smells. That’s one sign that water has infiltrated through your foundation.

This often happens after a rainstorm or a flood. However, it can occur at any point.

Bugs or Rodents Infestation

If you start to see an excess of beetles, mice, spiders, gnats or mosquitos, that’s another sign you have foundation and water issues. You need repair as soon as possible.

“Stuffy” Air

The humidity itself can make the air feel like it’s hard to breathe when in your basement or crawl space. The presence of mildew and other living agents in this area also contributes to making the air difficult to breathe underground.

The air in your basement may need more circulation as provided by a fan. A dehumidifier may also help. However, it also may be time to have Foundation Solutions 360 inspect your basement walls and your basement floors.

Foundation Solutions 360 Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Foundations Solutions 360 provides waterproofing systems that will put an end to water damage. We use our 20 years of experience to protect your home from future basement foundation problems.

This includes a complete sealing of every nook and cranny of your Michigan home. We’ll seal the area around your windows and where any cracks may occur if they don’t require additional attention beyond the waterproofing.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basement walls and floor waterproofing offers extra protection against humidity. Both interior and exterior basement waterproofing will also stop water buildup that causes mold and mildew to grow on walls and floors. It also will close off access to bugs, rodents and other critters.