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Basement Waterproofing White Lake, MI

Basement waterproofing White Lake,mi

Climate in White Lake, MI

Michigan is the state that has all four seasons. Summers in White Lake, MI are usually sunny and warm, while winters are windy, snowy, and freezing. The average minimum temperature is usually 17F, and the average maximum temperature is 83F. The most comfortable weather in Michigan is from June to September.

Common White Lake, MI Basement Problems

The majority of homeowners in White Lake, MI experience the following basement issues:

  • Mildew and mold. They like to grow in dark and humid areas, such as a wet basement. In order to get rid of them, you may have to spend thousands of dollars. Moreover, mold can also be dangerous as it causes serious health problems.
  • Basement cracks. Due to weather changes, the ground that surrounds the basement foundation might expand. As a result, cracks might appear. Cracks are a serious issue because water finds its way through them by causing even more serious damage.
  • Flooding and leaks. Basements are a common place for floods and water leaks. They result in constant moisture, causing other problems.
  • Bad smells. Unpleasant odors might appear due to mold, mildew, and high levels of moisture in your basement. Even if you cover up these smells, the problem will remain unresolved.

Water Damage Warning Signs

If you notice any of the following sings, there might be water damage:

  • Cracks. If you notice cracks in a basement wall or foundation, water damage might be the reason. However, even if you do have cracks, it depends how large they are. If a crack is bigger than 1/16th of an inch, it should be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Walls and floors discoloration. Walls and basement floor affected by water damage often look stained and discolored. The stains caused by water are usually yellowish-brown.
  • Building materials are deteriorating. If building materials are exposed to water and constant moisture, they might start to deteriorate. They might weaken very fast, and the paint will start peeling off. You may also notice changes in the wall: they might start leaning or bowing. Even though there might be other reasons, water damage is quite common.
  • Floors and foundation are sinkingMany people do not notice this issue right away. However, once you do, it is important not to ignore it and address it immediately.

Foundation Solutions 360 Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Foundation Solutions 360 is the company that offers the following waterproofing solutions:

  • Sump pump installation. The purpose of a sump pump waterproofing systems is to remove excess water from a house, including basement. It is used to prevent water issues damage that can cost thousands of dollars. At Foundation Solutions 360, we offer quality sump pumps and battery backup.
  • Installation of French drains. A French drain is a type of drainage system that catches water entering your basement, providing it with an easy path to flow away. French drains are a cost-effective and aesthetic solution that does not disturb exterior  landscape like exterior basement waterproofing.
  • Adding vapor barrier wall liners. Wall liners are also quite common and popular basement waterproofing solution. Moreover, with the help of liners you can transform your basement into a cozy living space that will increase the value of your property and make the walls look more attractive.
  • Install a dehumidifier.  Dehumidifiers are used to remove excessive moisture and keep a healthy level of humidity inside a house. The purpose of this device is to improve the quality of the air in your house, as well as protect its structure. Moreover, dehumidifiers do not allow mold and mildew to grow and eliminate unpleasant smells.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

When a flood or heavy rain occurs, the basement is one of the first parts of the house that will be affected. Therefore, it is worth considering this option, as basement waterproofing offers the following benefits:

  • Less cleanup and lower risk of water damage.
  • Better basement foundation support that makes the foundation stronger.
  • Higher property value, which means that a house with basement waterproofing will cost more.
  • Prevention of serious health issues that are often caused by mold.

Foundation Solutions 360 – Quality And Durable Basement Waterproofing in White Lake, MI (Basement Waterproofing in (county))

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