Foundation repairs can come upon homeowners suddenly. You might see a cracked wall or slanting floor and suddenly realize your foundations need urgent repairs. But when is the best time of year for foundation repair? This article will look at how the seasons affect your foundations, and when you need to consider foundation repair.

When Is The Best Time Of Year For Foundation Repair?

Technically, foundation repairs should (and can) be carried out as soon as you spot the problem. However, the seasons do have an impact on your foundations. 


Winter leads the ground to be colder and more solid than other months of the year, which technically makes it the perfect time to get your foundations done. This is because the ground is more stable than in other months. However, in Michigan, there is a risk that the ground could freeze. This freeze risk can make it difficult to undertake foundation repairs, as cement will be exposed to water and cold temperatures. If you have to get foundation repairs done in winter, it’s advisable to cover your pipes to prevent freezing.


Spring is often considered the perfect time to get your foundation repairs. This is because cracks often appear in foundations as the weather warms up. There is also a reduced risk that the ground will freeze. Spring is also traditionally a time of higher rainfall, which can cause problems with your foundations due to the additional moisture in the soil. Excess rainfall can exacerbate issues like sinking foundations.


The summer weather will lead to less moisture in the soil, making it more stable. It is also a good opportunity to check for damage to foundations. This is because less moisture in the soil causes soil contraction, leading to foundation damage.


Fall is a good time to undertake foundation repairs, mostly due to the drier climate resulting in less moisture in the soil. You can also get your repairs completed before the winter kicks in and in time for the seasonal festivities. 

How Long Can A Foundation Repair Take?

Foundation repairs can take between one to three days, depending on the complexity of the project. 

A number of other factors need to be considered, like:

  • Extent of the damage
  • Size of the foundation
  • Type of foundation repair 
  • Presence of roots or other external factors

Can I Live In A House During Foundation Repair?

Yes, you can live in your house during foundation repairs. If your floor needs replacing, you may temporarily be unable to use the affected area, but you can still stay within your property. Alternatively, you may choose to relocate to a hotel or stay with friends if you want to during your foundation repair. The choice is yours!

Do I Need Foundation Repair?

You might need foundation repair if you spot cracks in your drywall, bowing walls, new gaps forming between doors or windows, or slanting floors. Contact our team of experts for a free consultation on your foundation damage. We give honest feedback on what counts as a high-priority foundation repair so you’ll know the problems that simply can’t wait until next season.

Foundation Solutions 360: Full-Service, All-Season Foundation Repair

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