Your basement is an important part of your home, whether you use it as a center for entertainment, living quarters for a loved one, or just a cozy spot to get away from the elements. 

Whether your basement is a small storage area or a large living space, you need it to be dry and comfortable—but here in Michigan, homeowners can run into a few common challenges.

Unsurprisingly, water plays a big role in the most frequently encountered basement issues. Proper basement waterproofing can help prevent these and other problems homeowners in Michigan are likely to encounter.

1. Humidity & Condensation

Believe it or not, Michigan is one of the top 10 most humid states in the US. But even on dry days, basements can collect condensation due to the temperature differential between floors. When the cool, subterranean air from downstairs meets the warmer upstairs temperature, condensation forms, leaving you at risk for wood rot, mold, or pest infestations. 

Part of fixing this problem is proper ventilation. Consider installing an exhaust fan or dehumidifier, especially if you run your washer and dryer in the basement.

2. Mold & Mildew

Basements by nature don’t get much natural light, and when combined with poor or damaged sealing that lets water in, they create the perfect damp, dark environment for fungi to thrive. Mildew can trigger allergic reactions, while mold can lead to more severe health problems if left untreated. 

If you’ve noticed dark spots on the walls or ceiling of your basement or encountered a musty smell, mold or mildew could be the culprit. Don’t ignore this problem—the longer you breathe these spores, the more damaging they can be to your health.

3. Basement Cracks

We all know Michigan’s weather can be drastic. And as the ground freezes and thaws repeatedly, the seasons take their toll on the soil surrounding your basement. As the ground expands and contracts, foundations take the brunt of the pressure and can eventually crack. These cracks, aside from being unsightly, create spaces for more water to enter your home.  

4. Bowing Walls

Have you noticed warped or bulging walls in your basement? When your basement was built, contractors dug out an area larger than the foundation, then filled it back up with leftover dirt—and that loose soil surrounding your basement is more susceptible to becoming saturated with water than the more compacted soil nearby. This heavy, wet soil adds extra pressure to the foundations, which can cause your walls to bow.

5. Leaking & Flooding

Water is always present in soil, making leaking and flooding a common concern. If you encounter water spots or standing water, leaks are the likely cause. But to see whether it’s a leak or condensation problem, try this simple test: tape a piece of foil or plastic wrap to a damp spot and leave it overnight. If moisture forms on the wall side, the problem is likely a leak, and if it forms on the outside, the problem is condensation.

If flooding is a frequent issue in your area or you encounter water often, a sump pump or backup system may be the solution. 

Basement Waterproofing: A Common Solution

These common basement issues all stem from excess moisture, which can wreak havoc on spaces of any size. But for every unique Michigan home, Foundation Repair 360 has a custom waterproofing solution, which will protect your investment against the Midwest’s wet and wild elements all year-round.

Foundation Solutions 360: Michigan’s Trusted Basement Waterproofing Service

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