Common Causes of Foundation Problems in MichiganYour foundation is of course what your home is built upon.  A home’s foundation is obviously built into the ground, and the ground perhaps is not as stable as you might think. Over time the ground around your foundation can settle, which can lead to foundation problems that you will need to address in order to prevent damage to the structure of your home.

Common Causes of Foundation Issues

Below are a few of the most common causes of foundation problems that we encounter at Foundation Solutions 360.

Water Evaporation

The main issue with the ground around your foundation is the amount of moisture present. Good soil is a mixture of dirt, stone, clay and water. If soil dries out, it diminishes in volume and can shrink. If the ground around and beneath your foundation shrinks it can put pressure on your home or commercial building.

A stretch of hot weather can see the removal of water from the soil, causing the ground to dry out. The soil will settle, shifting the support it gives to your home’s foundation. This can lead to damage to the foundation of your property, causing cracks.

In a similar fashion, tree roots can suck moisture from the soil, especially when the weather is dry. If you live somewhere where there are a lot of trees, you may find foundation issues to be more prevalent and need basement waterproofing services.

Uneven Water Distribution

When your foundation was built, it was likely constructed with the ground in a certain state. If due to any number of reasons, the state of the ground changes, this can put added pressure on your foundation.

For example, an area may have improper drainage, or there may be an underground leak. If moisture concentrates in specific areas then this can cause settling. Excess moisture can also cause erosion as the soil is removed due to water flow.

Inferior Construction

There are a number of critical elements that all need to be considered when constructing home foundations, including the quality of the construction materials and the way the ground and surrounding soil is prepared. If any of these aspects of building are skimped during construction then problems will likely occur further along in the building’s lifetime.

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