Common Foundation Repair Problems in Macomb County, MIAt Foundation Solutions 360, we have seen it all when it comes to common foundation repair problems that occur in Macomb County, MI. Our foundation experts believe that it is important to teach our clients about some of the common foundation problems to look for.

Problems Always Start Small

When it comes to foundation repair problems, they always start small. The earlier you address the problems, the better it is for your home and for your wallet. At Foundation Solutions 360, we can handle your foundation repair problems no matter how severe, but we do recommend catching them early! Delaying your foundation repair needs will surely increase repair costs over time. Additionally, it can compromise the structural integrity of your residence. So, rather than delaying these repairs, let Foundation Solutions 360 handle these foundation repairs for you.

Common Foundation Problems to Look For

At Foundation Solutions 360, we take pride in providing the community of Macomb County, MI with three generations of foundation repair services. Over this time, we’ve made a note of common foundation problems that we encourage our clients to look for.  They include:

  • Leaning Walls – If the walls of your home begin leaning, bowing or cracking then it is critical that you reach out to Foundation Solution 360 in a hurry.
  • Cracks – If cracks form within your drywall, this is a sign of a faulty foundation.
  • Difficulty Opening Windows or Doors – Foundation problems may be an issue for you if the windows and doors that were once easy to open and close in the past now don’t open or close properly.
  • Water Damage – If you believe that water has invaded your foundation because of things like plumbing leaks or basement waterproofing issues, then it’s important to contact our experts as soon as possible.

Reasons to Invest in Foundation Repair Services

Once our committed team at Foundation Solutions 360 gets a hold of your foundation, you’ll be glad that you picked up the phone to let our crew know about the foundation problems you were having. Our foundation repair services will help strengthen your home’s overall structure. Additionally, you’ll experience increased resale value and these repairs will help you save money in the long run as well.

If you’ve noticed any of these foundation problems in your own home, do not ignore them. Instead, commit to calling our dedicated staff at Foundation Solutions 360 and take advantage of our elite foundation repair services. To schedule a free estimate on the foundation of your Macomb County, MI home, give us a call today at (855) 532-5360.