As a homeowner, you have many matters on your mind and to-dos that you want to tackle. Of course, it’s important to consider what should be a top priority and will essentially save you money and headaches over the long term. Believe it or not, your crawl space is one area that simply can’t be ignored and must be taken care of sooner rather than later. 

Here you’ll learn how crawl space encapsulation can save you money throughout the year and all the benefits of following through with encapsulating your home’s crawl space. You can leave the hard work and updates to the professionals. All you need to do is understand why it’s important so that you can get it done, ease your mind, and reduce spending.

Cost Savings

Want to know how to save money on energy bills? One benefit of crawl space encapsulation is that you’ll notice cost savings overall. A well-insulated crawl space helps you save on heating and cooling bills, and it can also increase the value of your home. Encapsulation adds a layer of insulation that keeps warm air inside during the winter months and out during the summer. 

What homeowner doesn’t want to make a wise investment in their home? These updates can easily provide a return when it comes time to sell—or to simply pay the bills. 

Energy Efficiency

When you choose to encapsulate your home’s crawl space, you can save money and environmental impact by making your entire property more energy efficient. When you encapsulate your crawl space, you’re essentially sealing off the area, making it a more well-regulated space. Your heating and cooling will function with less energy when the unit doesn’t have to continuously fight damp air that is present when you have a moist crawl space. 

Health & Air Quality

The last situation you want to encounter is mold and mildew issues in your home. When an area like a crawl space is unsealed, it becomes a breeding ground for moisture. Many homeowners don’t know that the humid air that accumulates under the house will circulate throughout their living spaces. Therefore, consider encapsulating your crawl space to prevent this situation from occurring. 

When you eliminate moisture from under your home, you prevent mold and mildew growth, allergens, and musty smells in your home. Overall, taking this step is going to make your home a healthier place to be. Encapsulating your home’s crawl space promotes clean air circulation so you and your family members will be able to breathe easier.

Added Comfort

Another way a crawl space encapsulation can benefit you and your home is that it adds a layer of comfort. For instance, you may notice that your hardwood and tile floors are warmer to walk on and more comfortable under your feet. This becomes especially important during the cold winter months. Your floors and foundations will also last longer because they won’t be collecting moisture.  

Take Action Today

You now know how crawl space encapsulation can save you money, time, and comfort throughout the year. It can be easy to forget about the spaces under our homes, but if you’ve noticed moisture, breathing problems, or uneven cooling and heating, that space could be part of the problem. Take action today by calling the experts at Foundation Solutions 360 so you can improve your home’s moisture protection and sleep sound at night. 

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