Foundation Repair FAQ: Answers to Common Questions About Your FoundationMaintaining your foundation is crucial to the stability of your home. If you neglect your foundation completely your home could even become a dangerous place to be. Here are some common foundation-related repair questions to ask to ensure your home is protected against common issues that could have detrimental effects on your home as well as the health of your family.

Q. Why Do I Need to Keep my Foundation in a Decent State of Repair?

Your foundation is obviously what supports your home. If repairs are left without resolution your foundation will weaken and your home could even become a dangerous place in which to be. Homes with severe foundation issues are usually difficult to sell because the value can be significantly impacted by these problems.

Q. What are Signs of Foundation Problems?

Common signs of foundation issues are as follows:

  • Cracks in the exterior brickwork of your home
  • Uneven floors
  • Doorways that are crooked
  • Windows that no longer open easily
  • Leaning fireplaces that have been separated from the soffits
  • Cabinets that do not hang properly
  • Cracks in the foundation

Q. How Much Should I Expect to Pay for a Foundation Repair Estimate?

At Foundation Solutions 360, we do not charge for a foundation repair estimate.

Q. What is Involved in a Foundation Estimate?

Our certified inspectors would arrive at your property at the arranged time and complete the foundation evaluation with minimal disruption to yourself. They may need to call in a structural engineer depending on the severity of your foundation issues. Once they have completed the foundation repair estimate, they will hand you their findings and a repair proposal that is valid for 90 days.

Q. How Much do Foundation Repairs Typically Cost?

Foundation repair costs depend largely on the state of the foundation. No two repairs are ever the same so it is not possible to give a ‘ballpark’ figure for a foundation repair. One thing is certain – the longer a foundation issue is left without resolution, the more it will cost to eventually repair!

Q. Does my Foundation Repair Come with a Warranty?

It does at Foundation Solutions 360. All our work comes backed by a lifetime transferable warranty. Should you sell your property then that warranty is automatically transferred to the new owners. This is a great resale point if and when you ever decide to put your home on the market. Rather than hiding behind foundation issues, you can proudly state that these repairs have been completed and are backed by a fully transferrable lifetime warranty.

To have your foundation repaired or evaluated, you need to talk to our team of professional experts. Feel free to reach out to the veteran-owned Foundation Solutions 360 team by phone today at 855-532-5360 or via our online contact form.