Just because concrete is a durable and robust building material for exterior areas of your home doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore it. Regular upkeep of concrete surfaces is actually one way to prevent damage to your home foundation—and problems with concrete can tell you a lot about your foundation’s health. 

Concrete is an investment, and maintaining it is a matter worth addressing as a homeowner. You not only have the opportunity to make concrete look more beautiful, but also to have it last longer overall! This guide will cover concrete maintenance 101 and how to go about protecting your foundation and other areas of your home that may have concrete such as a driveway or patio.  

Monitor the Moisture

Soil and the amount of moisture present in and around your concrete can have an impact on how well it does over time. It’s essential you keep a consistent moisture level in the soil to avoid cracks and damage. You may see shifting in the concrete if there’s too much or too little moisture.  

Have Proper Drainage

Keep the soil around your concrete stable by having a good and proper drainage system in place. Make sure that your spouts are pointed away from the foundation. This is especially critical when there is a season of heavy rain. 

You can also make sure your landscaping slopes downward and that your gutters are kept clean to ensure proper drainage. When it comes to landscaping, you shouldn’t place trees too close to the home or a concrete slab, because the roots can potentially alter or crack the surface.

Seal & Repair Your Concrete

You can keep your concrete looking brand new by repairing cracks and sealing joints and the concrete surface. You want to maintain a structurally sound surface and keep water, weeds, and other debris out. Sealing the concrete surface will help repel water and will provide resistance to abrasion. Also, put it on your to-do list to either learn how to safely clean concrete surfaces or hire a professional to clean them for you. Then, make it a priority to do so at least once per year.

Maintain A Consistent Indoor Temperature

You may not realize it, but the indoor temperature in your home can also play a role in maintaining a concrete foundation. Concrete can expand and contract when there are extreme swings in temperature, even from the inside. You can better control the soil’s behavior underneath when you keep a consistent temperature inside your home.

Consequences of Not Taking Action

When you forget to properly maintain your home’s concrete foundation, you risk having to perform expensive repairs or replace it altogether. For instance, water intrusion through cracks can cause issues with the subgrade. There may also be the opportunity for mold and mildew growth as a result of postponing concrete foundation repair. In the worst cases, poorly maintained concrete can also invite insect invasion as well as plumbing problems. You’ll not only be escalating the costs of repairs, but also negatively impacting your property value.  

When Foundation Problems Arise

If you notice serious cracks in your concrete surfaces or poor water drainage near your home, you may be in need of foundation repair. But with Foundation Solutions 360, you can avoid worrying or panicking when foundation problems arise at your home. Our experts are available and prepared to keep your home and your family safe. Give us a call to learn more about our foundation repair services and how we can help.

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