How are Moisture and Foundation Problems Related?When it comes to a home’s foundation, most are dug, built and then forgotten about. This is something of an oddity, as without a foundation, most buildings would either sag or sink slowly into the ground.

Because they are so lacking in consideration, the majority of problems with foundations are only discovered once a problem is noticed elsewhere. In some cases foundation damage is only noticed once the damage has become so great that repairs are highly expensive.

It will pay you over the long term to regularly check your home’s foundation, and to be aware of the most common causes of foundation damage.

Most Common Causes of Foundation Damage

A Foundation’s Number One Enemy – Moisture!

Nothing is worse for a foundation than moisture. Typically, the first signs of water damage on a foundation wall are mold, moss, mildew or staining. Foundations sit in soil, and as moisture is a key components of soil there is nothing you can do prevent your foundation from coming into contact with moisture.

Excessive moisture or a lack of moisture can change the condition of the soil close to the foundation, which can cause movement and ultimately damage. If you want your home’s foundation to last, then you need to take steps in order to prevent moisture damage.

How Moisture Can Damage Your Foundation

The quality of the soil around your foundation largely depends upon the weather. In warm weather the soil will dry out and reduce in volume. In wet weather the soil will become soggy and expand. This change in the nature of the soil will, over time, lessen the support it gives to your foundation, causing your home’s foundation to bow or crack.

You may notice damage to the interior of your home before you notice damage to your actual foundation. For example windows that were previously easy to open may start to stick, and your floors and walls may become warped or uneven.

The Best Way to Prevent Major Foundation Problems – Have Your Property Checked by a Foundation Specialist

Depending on the severity of the foundation repair you need, it’s critical that you receive an unbiased and honest opinion about the current condition of your foundation. At Foundation Solutions 360, we’re a veteran owned company that’s committed to helping our customers with all their foundation repair and basement waterproofing needs. To learn more about our services, why not give the team at Foundations Solutions 360 a call today? We’ll be happy to send one of our certified inspectors out to your home to perform a free, no obligation estimate to help determine the severity of your foundation problems. Feel free to call us today at 855 532-5360 or use our online contact form.