How Dry and Hot Weather Can Damage Your FoundationOwning a home is a big part of the American Dream.  If you own a home, however, you also have worries.  Most homeowners know that if they discover a problem with the foundation of their house, it is a reason to be concerned.  Most people who own homes are knowledgeable enough to know that excess water is the primary cause of foundation damage, but it is not the only cause.  Excessively dry and hot weather can also have an impact.  Foundation Solutions 360 has the experience and expertise to repair virtually any issue that arises with your foundation, and we can address how dry and hot weather can affect your foundation.

Impact of Hot and Dry Weather on your Home’s Foundation

When the weather is hot and dry for prolonged periods of time, the soil around your home’s foundation can erode away.  If enough soil erodes away from your foundation, it can develop cracks, bowing, or begin settling in ways that negatively impact the structural integrity.  It is, however, possible to see signs of this type of problem as it develops.

If you are currently living in drought conditions, there is an increased chance that your foundation could develop structural problems.  Take a closer look at your foundation and keep an eye out for cracks.  Cracking is usually the first sign of a developing issue, but minor cracks will be more difficult to see.  If you do find small cracks that indicate a problem related to the hot and dry weather, it is likely that you have caught the problem in its early stages.  Contact Foundation Solutions 360 and we will be happy to assess the extent of the problem.

Bowing of a foundation wall indicates a more serious problem and will likely be more obvious to see.  But if the bowing is not obvious, but your concern is heightened because you have noticed light cracks on interior walls or doors not closing properly, it will be important for you to contact us for a more comprehensive assessment.

Foundation Assessment and Repair

Even if the damage to your foundation is not caused by heavy rain or snow, but is in fact caused by drought conditions, you may see evidence of moisture in your basement or crawl space.  This is because the cracks created by the erosion of soil can allow moisture from deep in the soil to penetrate into your house.  As we experience more weather extremes in the future, we want you to be aware that hot and dry conditions can damage your foundation, just as excess water can.  We also want you to know that we can fix existing problems and help you prevent future foundation problems. For a free quote, call Foundation Solutions 360 at (855) 532-5360.