How To Deal With Crawl Space HumidityRepairing your crawlspace can see you being left with a hefty bill. In most cases, a crawlspace repair will see you facing a bill of at least $5,000 and possibly even more. It therefore pays to keep your crawlspace in as decent a state of repair as possible.

The main enemy of your crawlspace is probably not what you think it is. The number one damage-creator for all crawlspaces is simply moisture. Crawlspaces are typically humid, which is where the air becomes saturated with invisible beads of water. Dealing with crawl space humidity can be an issue, but not if you know how to deal with it.

How You Can Successfully Deal With Crawl Space Humidity

Moisture in the air will settle on all the surface areas of your crawlspace over time and create weaknesses as well as promoting the growth of contaminates such as mold and mildew. If this water has no place to go then it will simply build up over time. Proper grading will encourage water to move away from your crawl space rather than towards it. Grading is where the ground outside your home slopes away from your foundation rather than towards it.

A sump pump is another common solution to crawl space water issues. A sump pump will monitor the levels of water in your crawl space. If the levels are too high, then the sump pump will activate and pump the water away.

The Best Solution To Crawl Space Humidity – Basement Waterproofing Services

You may have heard of basement waterproofing but basement waterproofing can be extended to crawl space waterproofing just as easily. When you get your crawl space waterproofed all water is removed from the area and the walls, floor and ceiling covered with a barrier that water simply cannot penetrate. This will keep your crawl space dry and prevent you from having to face problems in the future because of crawl space humidity issues.

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