Water damage is undoubtedly one of the most common issues to affect properties in Michigan and Ohio. Proper water drainage is about more than simply avoiding some extra puddles in your yard—poor drainage and water damage can affect your home’s foundations. If your property is starting to show signs of damage, choosing the right foundation repair service will be essential for restoring the home to full health.

Nevertheless, prevention is always the best form of protection, which is why proper water drainage systems should be a priority. Focus on the following factors to prevent future problems— and to save yourself a lot of money and stress in the long run.

Start With Roof Water Drainage

Roof water drainage is a great place to start when protecting your home, as getting this right will protect everything underneath. For starters, it’s essential to confirm that all roof tiles are in good condition and do not allow water to leak through.

You must also inspect your guttering to ensure that water runs freely and exits the spout to drain away from your home, rather than causing pooling water. Achieving good runoff might mean using a downspout extender. Regular cleaning or the addition of a gutter guard can positively influence water drainage. Basement waterproofing also protects the home from the ground up.

Choose Better Materials For The Yard

Pooling water in the yard is a very common problem, especially if you do not have the right soil or best mulch for water drainage. Woodchips and bark are particularly good for improving drainage and moisture retention levels.

As for soil, looking at sand-based options will further improve the drainage, although you probably won’t need to dig up the whole yard. It’s just something to consider when making adjustments. Sandy mixtures will help protect plants, prevent soil erosion, and prevent water wastage. It’ll also assist any additional drainage systems.

Treat Your Lawn

There are several ways that you can improve the lawn’s natural drainage. An artificial lawn installation is one particularly popular choice, while lawn aeration is great for real grass. Filling the holes with horticultural sand lets surface water reach less compacted layers.

Digging trenches to create land drains can be very effective when the backyard is in particularly bad condition. However, if the problem isn’t too significant, you will find that adding some new plants can be an equally effective solution. They will drink up the water, meaning less of it impacts your landscape or property.

Install Groundwater Drainage Systems

A proper groundwater drainage system could include concrete patio water drainage to stop pooling water. If deep flow storm channels aren’t attractive enough, you can consider decorative gravel solutions to boost the look of your landscape. 

Crucially, you want all solutions to slope away from the building to prevent the need for foundation repair or crawl space renovations. If sloping water in the right direction still isn’t enough, you can look to water collection systems and other tools that will help you during the warmer, wetter months.

Treat Water Damage To Your Michigan Home

If poor drainage has already caused water damage—such as foundation cracks or moisture penetration—Foundation Solutions 360 can get your property back to its best in no time. You should always keep an eye out for signs of excess moisture, cracking, sagging floors, or bowing walls in your home. Any of these issues could be a sign of foundation damage. Luckily, our expert team can help you fix any foundation, basement, or crawl space problem, no matter how big or small.

Foundation Solutions 360: Foundation Repair, Basement Waterproofing, and Crawl Space Repair in Michigan

When you have a sinking or cracking foundation, your entire home is at risk for severe damage. Here at Foundation Solutions 360, every service we offer benefits your home’s foundation. Our foundation repairs are geared toward ensuring that your home is resting on solid ground. If you suspect damage in your home, contact us online or call 855-532-5360 for a FREE estimate!