Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Foundation Repair CompanyMost homeowners know an electrician or a plumber, but when it comes to problems with their foundation, how many know someone who can perform foundation repairs? If your foundation needs a bit of care and attention, then finding the right foundation repair company can be tricky.

Before you commit to using a specific foundation repair company, here are a few questions that you need to ask.

Does the Company Have the Necessary Insurance?

Any company you use should be insured. If they aren’t, then anything that goes wrong during the foundation repair process could have disastrous consequences for you the homeowner. Disasters are uncommon when it comes to foundation repair, but should something go catastrophically wrong the last thing you want is to be held liable for something that simply is not your fault.

Do They Have a Positive Better Business Bureau Rating?

You cannot guarantee that every foundation repair will go smoothly, but the chances of something going awry are reduced if you deal with a company that has a decent reputation. You can check with the local BBB to see how they are rated.

How Long Have They Been in Business?

Decent companies tend to stay in business, while poorly performing companies tend not to. You can take a risk with a new company if you want to, but it’s perhaps better to deal with a foundation repair company with a proven track record.

Do They Offer a Warranty for Their Foundation Repair Work?

A warranty safeguards you against future issues. It also safeguards you against poor repairs being performed, or future issues that you may experience because the repair was not done as adequately as was required. All decent companies will think nothing of offering a warranty to cover their work.

Is Their Staff Experienced and Knowledgeable with Foundation Repair Issues?

It is always better if a company comes with their own workforce as opposed to subcontractors. That way you know they only hire people who they know can do a decent job. If they use subcontractors or even worse, day laborers, then they have less control over the standard of personnel that end up performing valuable work on your home.

If you want to get the right people to handle your foundation issues (and of course you do) then Foundation Solutions 360 is the company that you need to work with. We have the people and the experience to tend to your foundation repair needs quickly and effectively. To learn more, contact us today at (855) 532-5360 or email us using our online contact form.