A damaged crawl space is one of the most concerning things that any homeowner can encounter. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most commonly overlooked problems because it is a part of the home that you rarely visit. However, there are a number of warning signs to suggest that a crawl space repair service may be required. 

If you spot any of the following issues, it may be time to call the professionals to see if a wet crawl space repair service is needed. The experts at Foundation Solutions 360 can restore your home to full health and prevent future problems from surfacing. 


A tiny amount of moisture is expected in the crawl space, especially if you have not completed a crawl space encapsulation. However, high volumes of moisture could be a sign of a more serious problem. Excess water could be due to leaking pipes, water coming through the foundation walls, or heavy amounts of moisture in our Michigan soil. If you have an older home without a proper vapor barrier seal, your home may be especially susceptible. 

However, it should be noted that you may not see visible water damage to the wood joists in your crawl space, as wood rot will only be noticed on the inside. That’s why homeowners—especially owners of older homes—should regularly have their crawl spaces inspected for moisture and water damage. 

Foundation Cracking

Cracks in the foundation can occur for many reasons, such as temperature changes and/or a lack of moisture in the soil. However, a crawl space that has not been encapsulated can allow moisture to get into tiny gaps, which will subsequently cause cracking. Over time, cracks will deepen and worsen due to increased moisture exposure.

As well as cracks in the foundation walls, this moisture may indirectly cause damage to door frames and window frames. Corrosion in your pipework and valves is another possible outcome.

Sloping Floors

Sloping or sagging floors is another issue that requires immediate action, even if it’s not due to crawl space damage. Sloping floods can have many potential causes, from dry rot or falling support beams to pooling water or landscape drainage issues. An inspection will discover whether crawl space damage is the source of your issues.

Mold growth, musty smells, and pest infestations may also occur as a result of damage to the crawl space. The sooner you fix it, the better.

Increased Utility Costs

The harsh reality is that most families are facing higher energy bills in 2022 as prices have soared. Still, if they have become surprisingly high in recent months, it is worth checking out the crawl space. High humidity levels will mean that your HVAC system has to work harder. At the same time, decaying insulation will also contribute to increasing monthly costs.

Frankly, the sooner you fix this issue through a repair or crawl space encapsulation, the sooner you can see utility bills fall to a more manageable level.

Family Illness

Many homeowners don’t notice damage to their property until a serious problem surfaces. However, you may also find that increased allergies or chronic respiratory issues are a sign of excessive moisture and poor indoor air quality. A crawl space inspection will determine if this is the source of the problems—in many cases, it will be, to the surprise of many homeowners.

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