What to Look for in a Foundation Repair ContractorYour foundation forms the bedrock of your home or your business premises – quite literally! If things start to go wrong and you are in need of the services of a foundation repair contractor, then you need reassurances that you are putting your repairs into the hands of someone who knows precisely what they are doing. To do otherwise is taking a massive risk.

If you’ve never had your foundation repaired before, and you do not know anyone who has undertaken a foundation repair recently, then how are you supposed to find a foundation repair contractor who you know you can trust?

Here are some tips so that you know what to look for in a foundation repair contractor.

Get Yourself Some Referrals

A company that offers foundation repair has to do a good job – there’s no way of bypassing that. If a company does a good job, then you should find it easy to uncover plenty of people willing to share that information. Likewise, if a company does a bad job, then there are just as many people – if not more – willing to educate you in this matter.

A reputable foundation repair company will be willing to hand you over the details of people they’ve worked for previously, so that you can have a chat about how things went. Make sure you are getting legitimate information though – some companies will just give you the numbers of people they know, who are talented at inventing tall tales!

Get License Information and Insurance

Any legitimate foundation repair contractor will be properly licensed and will have the proper levels of insurance in place. Any contractor who is not licensed and not insured should be avoided like the proverbial plague!

Ask for proof of licensing and insurance. If you want to be completely sure, then contact your state’s licensing board or department of labor to ensure the information is accurate.

Successful Businesses Stay in Business

Companies that repeatedly let their customers down do not tend to stay in business very long. A company that has been around for a decade or longer surely must be doing something right!

You may think you will save money by going for a cheaper company that’s new to the business, but you simply cannot take risks when it comes to your foundation.

For a foundation repair contractor whom you can trust one hundred percent, look no further than Foundation Solutions 360. We offer you high quality and affordable foundation repair and basement waterproofing services.

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