Crack in Basement Wall. A crack like this is a sign to call a foundation repair professional.Your home is more than just a house. You rely on it to protect your family, and your children grow up there; indeed, your home is a member of your family. Beyond that, it’s likely your biggest investment, one you want to take good care of. Your home provides stability, both materially and financially.

But sometimes it’s up to you to ensure your home’s stability. Your home’s foundation takes a beating, and there are definite indicators that you need to call a professional to come make an assessment. Any problem left unattended will grow into a bigger problem, so it’s best not to put things off. You’ve possibly seen some of the signs that your home’s foundation needs repair, but how do you know when it’s time to take that next step and call in a foundation repair professional?

We’ve collected the top indicators that you need to get your foundation fixed, listed from most obvious to most subtle.

1. Large Cracks in Your Foundation Walls

These could be the result of soil shifting or expanding and contracting as groundwater freezes and warms with the Michigan seasons. Large cracks could also stem from poor construction, but regardless of their cause when they appear it’s a sure sign that your foundation can’t properly support your house and you need to call in the pros. Large cracks only get worse, and can let in moisture from the surrounding soil. Water accelerates foundation damage and can begin to cause problems to your home’s interior. 

2. Leaning or Bowing Walls

There are a number of reasons your foundation walls could lean in or bow, but they all point to a stressed foundation and eventual collapse. Leaning or bowing walls are like large cracks: they’re only going to get worse, and the worse they get the weaker your foundation is. Time to call in a professional foundation repair team like the experts at Foundation Solutions 360.

3. A Sinking Foundation

With new construction it’s natural for a foundation to settle a bit, but if it was constructed to Michigan’s residential building codes, thin, cosmetic cracks shouldn’t be an issue. However, a sinking foundation could be a major problem.

Like large cracks and leaning or bowing walls, an unevenly sinking foundation is the sign of a serious problem. Also, like other indicators, if left ignored, an uneven foundation will grow into a bigger issue over time. Some of the signs of a sinking foundation are obvious, such as one side of your house being visibly lower than another, but some are less obvious, like a slightly uneven floor or doors sticking when you try to open or close them.  

4. A Rising Foundation

You may notice that one side of your home  has actually risen an appreciable amount. This is an indication of foundation upheaval. This condition can occur when soil expands, and can cause as much damage to your foundation as a sinking foundation would. As with sinking foundations, a slight upheaval is natural, but anything over one and a half inches is cause for concern, and you should call in a specialist to come take a look. 

5. Visible Cracks and Gaps Anywhere in Your Home

Sure, a large crack in the foundation itself is a dead giveaway, but other far smaller cracks and gaps may indicate an uneven foundation. Check certain areas in your home for cracks, including drywall, around the edges of windows, in wood paneling, and in plaster. Most often vertical cracks are early signs of foundation problems. Keep an eye on these, and if they grow bigger, call in a professional.

6. Slightly Uneven Floors

Set a ball in the middle of your floor. Does it roll on its own? If so, one side of your house dips more than the other. While this could be the sign of normal settlement of your house, it could also be an early indicator of a more serious foundation problem. As with any potential issue, the earlier it’s addressed, the easier it’s addressed. Call the experts at Foundation Solutions 360 to examine your home and give you a professional analysis.

7. Sticking Doors or Windows

Are doors that previously opened smoothly now more difficult to fully open and close? This is a sign that the frames are out of alignment and that your house is settling or has settled unevenly. Again, while some degree of settling is natural, and can fluctuate with the expanding and contraction of the soils in the Michigan seasons, if the issue worsens, it’s time to call in a professional to ensure the problem doesn’t lead to bigger problems down the line.

Bottom Line: Don’t Put Off Foundation Repair

We can’t say it enough: foundation repair is not something that you can put off. Any potential problems are going to increase, and tomorrow may bring a much more extensive and expensive repair. Keep an eye on these seven indicators and you’ll know when to call in Foundation Solutions 360.

Contact Your Macomb-Area Foundation Repair Specialists

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