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Crawl Space Repair in Jackson County, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Jackson County, MI

Water is necessary for survival but destructive in the wrong places. Your home’s crawl space is one of those places. If you have water or moisture collecting under your Jackson County MI home, you’ve got problems. Foundation Solutions 360 can help.

Crawl spaces are prone to water collection. When this happens and it goes unnoticed, it can start to have really negative effects on your home. Our experts can help with water issues and crawl space repairs in Jackson County, MI. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Is Water In My Crawl Space A Problem?

When water starts to collect in a crawl space, it can negatively affect your home in a few ways.

Rot/Mold/Mildew- One of the most common types of crawl space damage is when collected moisture starts to create rot, mold, and mildew. When rot starts to affect the structure supports under your home, it can damage your home’s foundation. Mold and mildew can also affect your family’s long term health as well. If you suspect rot, mold, or mildew, you can contact our Jackson County MI crawl space repair experts today.

Sinking Structures- One of the most damaging results of water in a crawl space is that it can cause support structures to shift. Moisture, especially standing water, will eventually erode away soil. When the soil shifts like this, the support structures built on the soil will also shift. This can cause serious damage to your foundation. You may notice cracks in the foundation or even cracks in interior walls. Although this is often a problem faced by older homes, newer homes can also experience these problems.

Where Is The Water Coming From?

Water in your crawl space could be coming from rain, plumbing issues, or drainage issues on your property. In some cases where water is directly draining under the home from rain runoff, standing water can start to collect. Over time, this can start to erode away the soil, shift the structure supports, and put your home’s foundation at serious risk.

What Should I Do?

If you have standing water or moisture collecting in your crawl spaces, you need to contact crawl space repair experts. These professionals will be able to inspect your crawl space and create a repair plan.

Crawl Space Repair Solutions in Jackson, MI

Power posts- If the support structures under your home have already begun to shift, we can install power posts to re-establish the foundational integrity. This is an important step to take if your home has already begun to experience foundation damage. This is one of the only ways to keep foundation damage from getting worse. If left unrepaired, foundation damage can eventually affect both the exterior and interior walls of your home as well as the flooring stability. You should know that this creates a very unsafe situation.

Crawl space encapsulation- To avoid many crawl space issues, you can have crawl space encapsulation done for your Jackson County MI home. This process creates a full barrier for all crawl space features and support structures. Moisture is completely blocked from affecting the crucial aspects of your crawl space. This process also helps to keep the interior of your home cleaner as it blocks out dirt and allergens from seeping up into your home. This process can also help improve the energy efficiency of your home as well.

If you would like to learn more about Jackson County MI crawl space repair, please contact us today.