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Crawl Space Repair in Shelby Township MI

Crawl Space Repair in Shelby Township MIShelby Township MI is a treasure of Macomb County featuring hundreds of unique restaurants and small businesses for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Along with the suburban wilderness being home to over 100 species of wildlife, Shelby Township MI neighborhoods feature affordable homes of all styles.

From modern dwellings recently built to beautifully renovated historic homes, the location and climate of Shelby Township MI also creates the need for crawl space repair in all types of homes. The beauty of Shelby Township MI can actually mask this threat lurking under many of its homes.

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Not just anyone is capable of handling crawl space repair for Shelby Township MI homes. Fortunately for Shelby Township MI residents, there is a local foundation and crawl space repair company with over 20 years’ experience.

Foundation Solutions 360 is a veteran owned and operated crawl space repair specialist using only the highest quality products to serve homeowners in Shelby Township MI. When homes go unprotected against the elements found in an area like Shelby Township MI, their foundations often suffer the consequences.

Through the use of advanced crawl space encapsulation methods coupled with the installation of innovative power posts moisture, mold, mildew, and even mites are eliminated while a home’s structural supports are undergirded. Crawl space repair provided by Foundation Solutions 360 ensures the wellbeing of your Shelby Township MI home as well as your health.

Creating a clean, dry, and sanitary environment under your Shelby Township MI home is a modern means of crawl space repair that provides a permanent antimicrobial vapor barrier. Foundation Solutions 360 uses a 90mil zero-permeable liner to ensure a 30-year warranty for your vapor barrier.

The investment in crawl space repair from a company like Foundation Solutions 360 is quick to provide returns to Shelby Township MI homeowners. From retaining more heat in your home and reducing energy usage to creating a watertight seal that keeps moisture out, quality crawl space repair for your Shelby Township MI home improves its efficiency immediately.

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Foundation Solutions 360 has a heart for making our vital services available to Shelby Township MI residents no matter their financial situation. Call Foundation Solutions 360 at 855-532-5360 or schedule a consultation online and choose from our many interest-free financing options.