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Crawl Space Repair in Davisburg, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Davisburg

Foundation Solutions 360 can help you with crawl space repair in Oakland County, Michigan, to protect you and your family from many serious problems. Damaged crawl spaces not only affect your home’s structural safety but can cause allergic reactions, reactions to mold growths, asthma attacks, and more. Understanding this problem and our repair solutions can help you get the best repair possible.

What Causes the Need for Crawl Space Repair in Davisburg, MI?

Crawl spaces provide your Oakland County home with structural support and effective airflow but are often the most neglected and ignored part of a house. Unfortunately, this neglect means that your crawl space may end up wearing down in time and needing heavy repairs to keep you and your family safe. What problems can cause severe crawl space damage in Oakland County homes? Things like:

  • Poor Construction – Let’s be honest: not every home is built as well as others. Unfortunately, there may be homes in Davisburg, Michigan, that were built with far less care or by less skilled builders. That means that your crawl space may be less secure and suffer from severe damage. This problem is incredibly frustrating because it’s not your fault and you usually won’t notice until much later.
  • Excessive Soil Moisture – Davisburg is not far from several watershed areas, such as Mill Pond, which gives the soil in this area more moisture than normal. That extra water can cause damage to your crawl space’s exterior and even leak into the interior. When water enters your crawl space, anticipate serious structural damage, mold growth, and other severe problems.
  • Low Winter Temperatures – Oakland County is no stranger to extreme winter temperatures, with the wind coming off the Great Lakes pushing lows well past zero. This cold climate does more than annoy you and your car, but can seriously damage your crawl space. Any water that has soaked into your crawl space and around the foundation will contract in freezing temperatures and cause damage to its structure.
  • Plumbing Damage – Your crawl space probably has multiple pipes throughout it that help control your plumbing system. Unfortunately, extremely low temperatures can cause these pipes to expand and even burst, which can cause severe damage in a crawl space. This problem is typically the most obvious because your water will likely stop flowing when your pipes burst.
  • Pest Damage – When pests get into your crawl space, they can cause severe damage that may be surprising. For example, mice and termites can damage the wooden structure of your crawl space and cause it to fail in troubling ways. As a result, it is vital to get crawl space repair for your Oakland County home. Doing so will ensure that pests don’t devastate your home.

These problems make crawl space repair in Oakland County, Michigan, critical. A failing crawl space can cause foundation damage in Oakland County homes and cause your house to experience far more damage. Thankfully, Foundation Solutions 360 understands how crawl space repairs and can provide Oakland County homes with the support that they need to stay strong.

Foundation Solutions 360 Provides Professional Crawl Space Repair in Davisburg, MI

Our team at Foundation Solutions 360 can provide professional-level crawl space repair in Oakland County that ensures your home is safe. Our primary method is crawl space encapsulation. This method uses a zero-permeable liner that keeps water, mold, mildew, and pests from entering your home.

We typically perform this installation after inspecting and repairing your crawl space for serious damage problems. Our team focuses on enhancing your crawl space’s structural integrity. Just as importantly, we can check the rest of your home’s physical structure to ensure it is as strong as possible. We don’t stop at simply repairing your crawl space but can provide other help that keeps your home strong. These include steps such as:

  • Repairing any foundation damage caused by crawl space problems
  • Fixing any leaning or bowing walls caused by foundation or crawl space issues
  • Installing crawl space posts to keep your home stable and secure
  • Spotting and patching any cracks to avoid long-term structural damage

Working with Foundation Solutions 360 can give you the help that you need to support your crawl space and keep your Oakland County home strong for years to come.

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