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Crawl Space Repair in Fenton MI

Crawl Space Repair in Fenton MIThe quaint character of a community like the City of Fenton MI is a strong draw for new residents to make Fenton MI their home. As homes turnover from existing residents to new families moving into the area, there is a part of the home that often requires some attention

Homeowners throughout Fenton MI may be unaware of the need for crawl space repair to their current home. Issues with a Fenton MI home that is in need of crawl space repair are often attributed to other causes.

For example, when it comes time to sell, inspectors will be on the lookout for signs that crawl space repair is needed in a Fenton MI home. If a homeowner has replaced sagging flooring with new flooring or patched and painted over cracks in the drywall, an inspector can still see that the home is actually in need of a larger crawl space repair.

Sagging Floors and Cracks Mean Crawl Space Repair is Needed in Fenton MI Homes

Along with sagging floors and cracks in the drywall, Fenton MI homes with a musty smell or an increase in breathing problems for the residents in the home are also signs that crawl space repair is needed. When mold and mildew feast on the material in a Fenton MI crawl space, spores are released into the circulation system.

Breathing in this toxic air is dangerous, especially for Fenton MI homeowners who have a preexisting condition. Crawl space repair from a local trusted and experienced foundation repair company like Foundation Solutions 360 can remedy all these issues in a Fenton MI home’s crawl space.

Remedies that Provide the Highest Quality Crawl Space Repair for Fenton MI Homes

Through the installation of crawl space power posts, Foundation Solutions 360 undergirds the floor joists, which may allow Fenton MI homeowners to keep their existing floors, rather than paying for new flooring to try and fix the issue. Through crawl space repair that includes encapsulation, Fenton MI homeowners can rest assured that moisture stays outside where it belongs.

Foundation Solutions 360 uses only patented and proven products to ensure the crawl space repair Fenton MI homes need is done properly the first time. This is why Foundation Solutions 360 is confident in offering a lifetime transferrable warranty on crawl space repair services. Call Foundation Solutions 360 at 855-532-5360 or use our online contact form today.