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Crawl Space Repair in Ferndale MI

Crawl Space Repair in Ferndale MIThe City of Ferndale MI is currently focused on a lot of development projects throughout the area. However, with all the recent development in the City of Ferndale MI—like the 9 Mile Mixed Use Development and Parkdale Townes—current residents may lose sight of a very important part of keeping up their own homes.

Many established homes throughout the Ferndale MI area may well be in need of crawl space repair due to the climate of Ferndale MI. The area weather, along with other factors, contribute to damage in a Ferndale MI home’s foundation that leads to the need for crawl space repair.

The focus for many homeowners is often drawn to the parts of the home above ground, but all the improvements a home receives above can be at risk if a larger issue in not tackled below.

Wet Weather and Soil Type Lead to Crawl Space Repair Needs in Ferndale MI Homes

Ferndale MI gets an average of 33 inches of rain every year and this is all on top of the 36 inches of snowfall in the area annually. These amounts are well above the US averages and when coupled with the type of soil surrounding Ferndale MI homes, the need for crawl space repair is inevitable.

As soil retains moisture from the precipitation, the fluctuations of temperature can cause an expansion and contraction of the ground around a Ferndale MI home’s foundation. This effect leaves gaps between the soil and the foundation, which are filled with water.

Hydrostatic pressure then forces the water into the foundation, which causes damage leading to the need for crawl space repair and measures to prevent damage in the future. Fortunately, a local and veteran-owned company like Foundation Solutions 360 can solve these problems for Ferndale MI homeowners.

Advanced and Guaranteed Crawl Space Repair for Ferndale MI Homeowners

By using only certified inspectors and patented products, Foundation Solutions 360 provides the best crawl space repair to tackle any damage in a Ferndale MI home. From repairing sagging floors through undergirding rotted floor joists to encapsulating an entire crawl space so that the space is waterproofed for decades to come, Foundation Solutions 360 provides the best crawl space repair for your Ferndale MI home.

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