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Crawl Space Repair in Holly, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Holly

Living in Holly, Michigan, should be a nice experience but can become a problem if you have crawl space damage. Did you know that crawl space issues can cause Oakland County homes a surprising array of real concerns that may even affect your health? These include:

  • Allergic reactions caused by mold and mildew growths starting in the crawl space
  • Breathing problems, wheezing, and skin irritation throughout your Oakland County home
  • Severe asthmatic reactions that may worsen as your mold spreads rapidly
  • Structural damage to a home that may cause more severe problems to spread

If your Holly, Michigan, experiences any of these problems, don’t be afraid to turn to us at Foundation Solutions 360 to get the help that you need. Our team of professionals understands crawl space repair in Oakland county and will work hard to ensure that your home is protected and safe.

What Causes the Need for Crawl Space Repair in Holly, MI

Crawl space issues tend to sneak up on people when they least expect it. For example, you may buy a home with minor crawl space problems and not realize they exist. These issues can slowly worsen with time and become a real long-term complication. But what exactly causes them? Just a few reasons that your home may develop crawl space issues include:

  • Excessive Soil Moisture – Like most of Michigan, Holly gets a lot of snow in winter. This snow can quickly melt and absorb into the soil around your house. Unfortunately, all that water has to go somewhere, and it can wear away at the structure of your crawl space and cause severe damage. As a result, it is important to keep water out of your home as much as possible to avoid long-term issues.
  • Weak Crawl Space Materials – Do you know who installed your crawl space or what materials they used? If not, there’s a good chance that whoever did may have used weaker or poorer materials that led to severe crawl space damage. Even low-quality repairs can cause this problem and trigger long-term issues with your home’s foundation that weaken its structural integrity.
  • Extreme Temperature Changes – Temperature changes in Michigan are nothing new. Holly has seen things like an 85-degree day suddenly turn into a 45-degree tomorrow. These heavy temperature changes can cause warping in your crawl space that devastates its integrity. As a result, it is critical to get crawl space repair in your Oakland County home to avoid this problem.
  • Invasion By Vermin – The worst thing about a crawl space is that it often makes a cozy place for various vermin, like ants, termites, and mice. While a strong crawl space keeps these critters out, a weaker one can let them in and cause even more problems while they spread, eat your foundation’s wood, and cause other damage through their fecal matter buildup.

No matter what causes crawl space problems in Oakland County homes like yours, we’re here to help! Foundation Solutions 360 is the best crawl space repair in Oakland County and can back up our claims with real results. If you live in Holly and are tired of a weak crawl space, read through the solutions below to learn more about how we can help support your home’s structural integrity.

Foundation Solutions 360 Provides Professional Crawl Space Repair in Holly, MI

Foundation Solutions 360 is a professional foundation and crawl space repair team that serves Holly and the surrounding Oakland County. Our team of professionals can ensure that your home is safe by providing many different repair processes. These unique procedures include:

  • Inspecting your home’s crawl space to find out what problems are affecting its structural health
  • Repairing any obvious signs of damage by removing and restoring damaged materials properly
  • Encapsulating the crawl space with a strong liner that keeps water, pests, and more out of your home
  • Fixing any leaning or bowing walls to ensure that your home has the structural strength it needs
  • Patching and fixing any cracks that may appear throughout your home’s walls to keep them stronger
  • Shoring up any sinking that may affect your home’s overall strength and worsen its style

Our team of experts can provide the comprehensive care that you need for your crawl space and foundation problems. We work hard to ensure that you feel comfortable with these repair processes and will stop at nothing to ensure that your home is safe and protected from this serious issue. It is important to us that you get the protection that you need.

Get the Crawl Space Help That You Need!

Are you ready for a high-quality crawl space repair solution that makes sense for your budget? Then let us know at Foundation Solutions 360 right away! Our team of professionals understands Oakland County homes and wants to ensure that you get the highest-quality help possible! Call us at (855) 532-5360 to learn more about the processes our team use to keep your home safe.