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Crawl Space Repair in Madison Heights MI

Crawl Space Repair in Madison Heights MIWhen it comes to residents of Madison Heights MI maintaining their homes throughout the year, crawl space repair is often inevitable. Although the summer offers perfect weather for outdoor events like the Trail Tunes Musical Festival every year, the winters are a different story.

The climate of Madison Heights MI provides an average of 33 inches of rainfall per year. When you add the 31 inches of snowfall, it is easy to understand how the need for crawl space repair becomes so prevalent. Fortunately, a local crawl space repair company is nearby to serve Madison Heights MI homeowners.

Foundation Solutions 360 is a trusted foundation repair company with three generations’ worth of knowledge when it comes to providing crawl space repair to parts of Michigan like Madison Heights MI. There are several reasons why crawl space repair may be needed in a Madison Heights MI home.

Soil in Madison Heights MI Becomes Oversaturated

The soil surrounding the foundations of homes in Madison Heights MI is easily oversaturated. When this happens, the fluctuating temperatures cause the moisture in the soil to freeze and thaw, which then leaves gaps between the soil and the foundation.

Water then fills the gaps and hydrostatic pressure pushes the water through the walls of a Madison Heights MI home’s foundation. Moisture wreaks havoc once it makes its way into a Madison Heights MI crawl space.

Mold and Mildew Feast on Madison Heights MI Crawl Space Materials

The dark and cool area under your home provides a perfect environment for mold to thrive. As mold grows in a Madison Heights MI crawl space, crawl space repair is required in order to waterproof the space and remedy the damage already done.

Another common issue that leads to the need for quality crawl space repair is when freezing temperatures cause pipes under your home to burst. Cracked and leaking pipes creating a slow drip into a Madison Heights MI home’s crawl space can go unnoticed for a long time while creating massive damage to the structures underneath the home.

Certified inspectors with Foundation Solutions 360 know exactly what to look for in order to pinpoint the precise cause of damage to your Madison Heights MI home and determine the specific crawl space repair to remedy it. Call Foundation Solutions 360 at 855-532-5360 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation today.