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Crawl Space Repair in Pontiac MI

Crawl Space Repair in Pontiac MIPontiac MI has been known for many things over the decades. Originally named after an Ottawa war chief, the city of Pontiac MI eventually became best known for the General Motors plants, which led to the growth of the city.

As Pontiac MI has grown from the first house built in 1818 to the sprawling historic neighborhoods playing a major role in Pontiac MI’s recent revival, one commonality remains. The need for crawl space repair under Pontiac MI homes has been consistent over the years.

Homes throughout Pontiac MI suffer from effects of its climate. While the average rainfall in Pontiac MI can lead to moisture damage requiring crawl space repair alone, the risk goes way up when you consider the snowfall as well. At over 34 inches of snowfall annually, precipitation is a leading cause of water damage to Pontiac MI homes.

The Location of Pontiac MI Makes Its Homes Susceptible to Moisture Damage

As the climate cycles throughout the year, the soil native to Pontiac MI tends to become oversaturated. When temperatures fall to near or below freezing, the moisture laden soil begins to freeze and contract. Once the soil is warmed by either the sun’s rays or rising air temperatures, the soil then thaws and causes an expansion to occur.

Once the moisture contracts and expands, a gap is formed between the foundation of a Pontiac MI home and the soil itself. The water that fills the gaps then permeates the home’s crawl space through either cracks in the foundation or hydrostatic pressure pushing the moisture through its walls. All of this adds up to a frequent need for crawl space repair in Pontiac MI homes.

Fortunately for its residents, crawl space repair Pontiac MI homeowners can trust is found in a local foundation repair company close by. Foundation Solutions 360 is a veteran-owned and operated crawl space repair provider using only certified inspectors and patented products to deliver high quality crawl space repair to Pontiac MI homes.

Foundation Solutions 360 Brings Advanced Crawl Space Repair to Pontiac MI Homes

Through the installation of crawl space power posts and encapsulation of a Pontiac MI crawl space, crawl space repair from Foundation Solutions 360 not only repairs current damage, but also protects from future issues as well. Call Foundation Solutions 360 at 855-532-5360 or use our online contact form to request more information today.