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Crawl Space Repair in South Lyon MI

Crawl Space Repair in South Lyon MIBeing located near the crossroads of Interstate 96 and US 23 in the southwest corner of Oakland County, the City of South Lyon MI is an area in which homes are susceptible to damage due to the climate. Fortunately for the residents of South Lyon MI, its location also makes the community easily accessible to a local crawl space repair company.

Foundation Solutions 360 is a veteran owned foundation repair company that has been providing high quality and affordable crawl space repair to homes in neighborhoods just like those located in South Lyon MI for decades. With over 20 years’ experience, Foundation Solutions 360 possesses the expertise to provide the right crawl space repair for your South Lyon MI home.

Using only parts, equipment, and sealants that are made in the USA, Foundation Solutions 360 demonstrates pride in both our country and in the advanced crawl space repair they provide to South Lyon MI homes. Certified inspectors know exactly what to look for in order to spot early signs that crawl space repair is needed while saving homeowners headaches down the road.

The Cost of an Unprotected South Lyon MI Home

For homes that are susceptible to moisture damage due to age, build quality, or climate, being unaware of the need for crawl space repair can have disastrous effects.  While every South Lyon MI home is unique, there are some commonalities that could lead to the need for crawl space repair.

The climate of a city like South Lyon MI leads to homes requiring crawl space repair. When the soil of South Lyon MI becomes oversaturated from high levels of precipitation, melting snow, and proximity to bodies of water, gaps begin to form next to the home’s foundation.

Because these foundation problems tend to start small, by the time homeowners notice an issue, major crawl space repair is required. The certified inspectors of Foundation Solutions 360 can spot these minor issues early on and South Lyon MI homeowners can avoid more costly repairs to their home later on.

Proven Crawl Space Repair Guaranteed for Life

Foundation Solutions 360 uses only proven and patented products made in the USA to provide homes in South Lyon MI crawl space repair. This allows Foundation Solutions 360 to have confidence in their lifetime transferable warranty.

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