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Crawl Space Repair in Sanilac County, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Sanilac CountyEvery component of your home’s structure plays an important role in its integrity. But one area homeowners often forget about is right under their feet, literally. Yes, we’re talking about the seldom-seen crawl space. A home’s crawl space supports the weight of a house and provides the needed buffer between your Sanilac County home and the ground below.

Because crawl spaces aren’t easily accessible, repair issues can go unnoticed until it’s too late and major damage has already occurred. If you’re having issues with your crawl space or would like to have it inspected, contact the crawl space repair team at Foundation Solutions 360. We’re a veteran-owned and operated family business built on integrity, honesty, and trust. Contact us today for crawl space repair in Sanilac County.

What Causes the Need for Crawl Space Repair in Sanilac County, MI

Because Sanilac County and other counties across Michigan experience all four seasons in full – including cold, wet winters – it can lead to quick deterioration of your crawl space if it’s unprotected due to a needed repair.

The main risks to your crawl space include:

Cold Winter Temperatures

You know that Sanilac County has cold, snowy winters. When water finds its way into your crawl space and undergoes the constant freeze-thaw cycle, it causes the materials that make up the footings and walls of your crawl space to contract and expand, causing cracks that weaken and eventually damage the materials.

Bursting Pipes

Speaking of cold winter temperatures, when temperatures drop below freezing during the winter, burst pipes are a risk if your crawl space isn’t properly sealed and insulated. Burst pipes can cause expensive repairs to the crawl spaces in Sanilac County homes.

Large Amounts of Moisture

An improperly properly sealed and insulated crawl space can also cause excess moisture to enter. Water can lead to structural damage, pests, mold growth, and musty smells.

Foundation Solutions 360 Provides Professional Crawl Space Repair

If you believe there are issues with your home’s crawl space, acting fast can help prevent further damage from occurring, including rot, mold, and structural integrity.

The crawl space repair experts at Foundation Solutions will inspect your Sanilac County home’s crawl space to determine the type of crawl space repair that is needed.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Foundation Solutions 360’s crawl space encapsulation services will completely seal your entire space. Our services can include adding a heavy-duty moisture barrier to the floor, insulating walls, and sealing foundation vents.

Crawl Space Power Posts

Installing steel power posts is a great way to stabilize your home and protect the crawl space from additional damage caused by sagging crawl spaces. Power posts help to even out your floor and crawl space, which also repairs poorly aligned doors and windows.

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