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Crawl Space Repair in Shiawasse County, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Shiawasse County

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “out of sight, out of mind”. This is true in many instances, but it can be a problem. Your crawl space probably isn’t something you think about, but there may be issues that can affect your home, and even your health.

What causes the need for Crawl Space Repair in Shiawasse County, MI

There are two types of crawl space problems you may encounter in your Shiawasse County home. These are moisture issues and structural issues.

Moisture Issues

Moisture issues are a common problem for Shiawasse County homes. The county gets 33 inches of rain, and 40  inches of snow each year. This precipitation can cause water damage or mold.

Water damage occurs when water gets into the crawl space. They typically have dirt floors, which can allow water to get into the crawl space. This can be caused by precipitation or plumbing leaks or condensation.

The water can cause damage to wood, which is known as wood rot. The other concern is mold. Mold grows easily in dark moist areas, so your crawlspace is a perfect breeding ground. Mold can release spores that get into your home, which can cause health issues.

Structural Issues

Structural issues are another concern for crawlspaces. One reason for this is moisture, which can cause wood rot. If the structural supports begin to rot, they become weak. They can no longer support your home correctly.

If you have sandy or silty soil, this can lead to sinking or settling in your crawl space, which is also a structural issue. One of the first signs of these issues is cracks in your walls.

Foundation Solutions 360 Provides Professional Crawl Space Repair in Shiawasse County, MI

Foundation Solutions 360 offers several crawl space repair solutions in Shiawasse County, MI. These include crawl space encapsulation, crack repair, and power posts.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

You now know that moisture poses a big problem for your crawl space. The best method to keep moisture out of your crawlspace is crawlspace encapsulation.

This process includes placing a heavy duty moisture barrier on the dirt floor to prevent moisture from seeping in from the soil. The foundation vents are sealed, and the walls of the crawl space are insulated.

Any cracks in the walls of your crawl space are sealed. If needed, specialized dehumidifiers can be placed in your crawl space. This removes any moisture present, and removes moisture from the air.

At Foundation Solutions 360, crawl space encapsulation includes a 20 year warranty.

Power Posts

If you have damaged or sinking supports, power posts are the perfect solution. Steel columns are placed on concrete pads to prevent further sinking, and support your home. This is a permanent solution, so you can rest easy.

Contact Foundation Solutions 360 for Crawl Space Repair

If you need crawl space repair in Shiawasse County, MI, contact Foundation Solutions 360. We offer free estimates, and have many years of crawl space and foundation repair in Michigan.