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Crawl Space Repair in Ann Arbor, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Michigan

Keeping your home in great shape means maintaining spaces that are seen and unseen. Crawl spaces can develop problems that will cost you in many ways. The professionals at Foundation Solutions 360 can help. We provide the residents of Ann Arbor, MI and the surrounding areas, with years of experience in crawl space repair. Keep reading to learn more about this important type of home maintenance.

What Causes The Need For Crawl Space Repair in Ann Arbor, MI?

Crawl spaces are the spaces underneath a home. Although these spaces may seem to be unimportant, they actually have a huge effect on your home.

The crawl space is susceptible to many different types of maintenance issues. When these issues are left unchecked and unrepaired, it can create bigger problems that will be expensive to repair down the road.

Let’s look at some of the most common types of crawl space issues.

Pests– Infestations of pests in the crawl space can cause expensive damage. This could include termites, rodents, armadillos, and more. Keeping a check on the development of pest infestations is an important way to properly maintain your home.

Water– Water is often a culprit in crawlspace issues. If drainage on the property has not been done properly, water will make its way underneath the house and collect in the crawl spaces. This is bad because standing water can attract pests, cause wood to rot, erode soil, and eventually damage the foundation.

Post instability– Another crawl space issues often seen in older homes, is when the posts that bear the weight of the house become damaged. This can affect not only the value of the home but also the safety of the home.

Foundation Solutions 360 Can Help

If you are a homeowner in Ann Arbor, MI, we can help you with common crawl space repairs. Our team will provide you with a crawl space evaluation, repair plan and estimate. We provide the following types of crawl space services in Ann Arbor, MI and the surrounding areas.

Crawl space encapsulation– This is a great way to protect your crawl spaces before damage happens. A crawl space encapsulation is the installation of protective materials over all of the surfaces of the crawlspace. This helps to discourage pests for infesting the space, it creates a moisture barrier, and it improves the value of your home.

Power Posts- If the posts beneath the home are compromised, it is vital to the structural integrity of the home to correct this. This problem can be fixed with the installation of Power Posts. During this process, sturdy reinforcement is installed under the beams to straighten any sagging and provide more stability.

Crack Repair- If there are cracks in the foundation of your home, Foundation Solutions 360 can help. Cracks in the foundation will only grow worse over time, so it is imperative that they are fixed quickly.

If your home is in need of crawl space repair, please contact us at Foundation Solutions 360 today.