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Crawl Space Repair in Grosse Ile

Crawl Space Repair in Grosse Ile, MI

Your crawl space is more than a forgotten place underneath your home. It’s actually important for your home’s structural stability, and even your family’s health.

The most common crawl space problems for Wayne county homes include those caused by moisture and structural issues.

Causes of Crawl Space Damage in Grosse Ile

The crawlspace in your Wayne county home is susceptible to a few issues. Many of these are caused by moisture. The soil in Grosse Ile can also be problematic.

Crawl Space Damage due to Moisture

Your crawl space can become damaged by moisture. The most common way that moisture finds its way into your crawl space is precipitation.

Grosse Ile gets 34 inches of rain per year, which is less than the average of 38 inches. However, the area gets 35 inches of snow, which is significantly greater than the national average of 28 inches.

This precipitation soaks into the ground around your home. The floor of your crawl space is covered by your home. However, the precipitation is absorbed into the surrounding dirt, and then seeps into the dirt under your crawlspace.

This moisture creates a perfect place for mold. Mold prefers to grow in areas that are damp and dark, just like your crawl space.

The biggest issue with mold is that the air from your crawl space makes its way into your home. If there’s mold in your crawl space, the mold spores will be in your home, where you will breathe them in.

This can cause health issues, including allergies and illness.

Structural Issues

The other problem crawl spaces often face is structural problems. The soil in Michigan is often sandy or loamy. These soils allow settling, which can destabilize your foundation.

As the foundation supports settle, your foundation becomes uneven. These supports can also sink, which causes damage to your foundation.

The most common signs of a structural issue with your crawl space are cracks in your walls, uneven doors or windows, and sagging floors.

Foundation Solutions 360 Crawl Space Help in Grosse Ile

If you need crawl space repair in Grosse Ile, Foundation Solutions 369 has several solutions you should be aware of. These include power posts and crawl space encapsulation.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is the best way to eliminate moisture from your crawl space. It will prevent water from getting into your crawl space. If your crawl space has not been damaged by water yet, this is the best way to prevent the damage. If you currently have a wet crawl space, encapsulation can prevent the issue from continuing.

Crawl space encapsulation begins by removing any water or damaged insulation from your crawl space. Next, insulation can be installed on the exterior walls. This provides better protection and energy efficiency.

Next, a vapor proof barrier is installed on the exterior walls. This prevents moisture from getting in to your crawl space, and helps reflect heat back into your home.

A vapor liner is also installed on the dirt floor of the crawl space. This prevents moisture from entering the crawl space. It also stops gas from coming up from the soil and getting into your home.

Crawl space encapsulation has another benefit you should be aware of. It increases the energy efficiency of your home, by sealing your crawl space.

Once the process is complete, you have a 30 year guarantee, which makes encapsulation a long term solution.

This can save you money on energy costs. In today’s market, buyers are highly concerned about the environment, so increasing energy efficiency can increase the value and attractiveness of your home.

Power Posts

If your crawl space encounters structural issues, you need power posts. Our adjustable steel posts are placed on concrete pads. This prevents setting and sinking, while providing firm support for your foundation.

The columns are made of steel, so they will not become damaged due to moisture in your crawl space.

It’s the perfect way to realign doors and windows, and prevent further cracks in your walls. It can also fix uneven floors.

Power posts have a higher capacity than the jacks found at hardware stores. They are built to last, and will prevent further damage to your home and foundation.

Other Solutions

In addition to encapsulation and power posts, dehumidifiers can prevent damage to your crawl space by removing moisture from the air. Sump pumps may be needed to remove the water from your crawl space, before encapsulation begins.

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