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Crawl Space Repair in Highland Park, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Highland Park, MI

Does your Highland Park, Michigan, home have problems with the crawl space that you need properly managed? We at Foundation Solutions 360 can help you with that! Our team of experts understands crawl space repair in Oakland County and will work hard to ensure that you are protected from structural damage in your home, allergic reactions, mold-related issues, and much more.

Causes of Crawl Space Damage in Highland Park, MI

Oakland County homes often experience heavy crawl space damage due to excessive soil moisture caused by rain storms, snow melting, and poor drainage. This water can wear away at a crawl space’s structure and open it to the elements, a process that worsens when paired with freezing temperatures.

Even worse, burst pipes can cause water to flow through the crawl space, water that may attract pests like insects and mice to your home. These creatures can wear away at your crawl space and cause long-term issues. Thankfully, you can manage this problem by working with us at Foundation Solutions 360.

Crawl Space Company in Highland Park, MI

No matter what kinds of crawl space problems are affecting you, it is essential to get crawl space repair in Oakland County to ensure that you get the most protection possible. Our team of experts fully understands Michigan’s climate and soil and will do what they can to help you. We start by addressing the moisture content of your soil to find out if you’re getting too much water near your home.

If we find that your home has too much water in the soil, we can help in a few ways. The best is encapsulating your crawl space to keep water out of it. How does this process work? We carefully install a zero-permeable barrier throughout the crawl space that blocks water, pests, and other problems from invading your crawl space and keep it protected from any wear and tear problems.

However, we also take the time to address structural problems with your home that may affect its overall safety. For example, we’ll remove any damaged crawl space materials and replace them with safer and stronger alternatives. We’ll also take the time to fix any common damage issues that may spread through your foundation and crawl space, including damage to supporting beams.

Just as importantly, our team of experts is skilled at providing hands-on care for just about any foundation affecting you. We take the time to understand what is affecting your home and make sure that these problems get fixed smoothly and efficiently. Just a few other steps that we may provide to give your home the structural support it needs to stay strong include:

  • Repairing Foundations – Foundation damage can be quite severe and may spread rapidly through your home without extra help from professionals. Thankfully, our crew of repair experts at Foundation Solutions 360 can help you with the repair processes you need.
  • Fixing Damaged Walls  Cracked or damaged walls are a real problem because they can cause your home to shift and make it impossible to close windows and doors. Our team will fix your walls to ensure that this problem doesn’t worsen for you.
  • Patching Cracks  When cracks appear throughout your crawl space, our team of professionals will make sure that they get fixed. These cracks can lead to more severe problems and our repair process ensures that they are as strong as possible.
  • Supporting Sinking Foundations – Is your foundation sinking and causing damage to your crawl space or the rest of your house? Don’t worry about it! Our team at Foundation Solutions 360 can provide your Highland Park with the help it needs.
  • Installing Crawl Space Posts – Crawl space posts help to provide extra support for this part of your home and ensure that it is as strong as possible. Our team fully understands this process and the ways it helps you.

Even if you don’t have a crawl space, our team can help your Oakland County home! We provide basement waterproofing for all Oakland County homes with basements and will do what we can to help you. Highland Park homes like yours with basements need support, too, and we’re willing to take the extra steps to help you keep your home strong against the wear-and-tear of years.

Taking Care of Your Home

As you can see, taking care of your Oakland County home requires addressing any crawl space damage that may develop there. Our team at Foundation Solutions 360 are experts at identifying serious foundation problems and can provide the high-quality repairs that you need to keep your home strong and secure. Call us at (855) 532-5360 to learn more about the many ways that we can help you!