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Crawl Space Repair in Inkster, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Inkster, MI

Foundation Solutions 360 offers the best in crawl space repair in Inkster, MI. Our crawl space repair in Wayne County is trusted by the homeowners in our community. Don’t let your crawl space get out of hand, we can help get it dry and repaired in no time.

We work with Wayne County homes to offer everything from total crawl space encapsulation to your essential dehumidifiers and sump pumps.

Here’s how we help the crawl space in a Wayne County home stay dry and in great shape!

Causes of Crawl Space Damage in Inkster, MI

There can be a few signs that you need crawl space repair in Wayne County. Most owners of a  Wayne County home don’t know the common causes and signs of crawl space damage.

Most homeowners do know that one of the biggest risks for crawl space to image actually comes from outside of their home. Your gutters could actually be one of the largest risk factors for a moldy or failing crawl space.

Gutters and exterior drainage are vital to having a safe and structurally sound crawl space. If moisture is building up near your walls or around your foundation, it will find its way into your small crawl space and spread everything from mold to potential structural damage to your floor joists.

You also need to be on the lookout for damaged pipes. These could be slowly leaking water into your crawl space and adding gallons of extra moisture everyday into your home.

Damaged pipes are also the most likely to freeze and burst during the winter. This can cause severe damage to your crawl space if not taken care of ahead of time.

The drainage in your crawl space is also incredibly important. If your crawlspace hasn’t been serviced or repaired in a while, it might have naturally developed areas where water can pool and build up.

You’ll notice that your crawl space is starting to fail when you notice the floor above its sagging. This could be subtle dips in your tiling or even a steady slope down towards one side of your floor. These are sure signs that your joists are starting to fail and you need to get your crawl space repaired quickly.

You also need to be on the lookout for mold. Mold, mildew, and fungi love the damp and dark environment of a crawl space that needs repair. If you start to notice your allergy spiking or mold appearing around your home, it might be time to have the pros take a look at your crawl space.

Crawl Space Services in Inkster, MI

Crawl space repair in Inkster, MI starts with our inspection of Wayne County homes. Once we find the source of your crawl space problems, we’ve got a few solutions that will work for your home.

The best repairs start with the basics and that’s why we offer sump pumps and dehumidifiers for your crawl space. These are two vital pieces of technology that can help mitigate moisture buildup as well as prevent serious water buildup in a flooding in your crawl space.

If your dehumidifier or sump pump are starting to age, give Foundation Solutions 360 a call today to get a replacement and upgrade for your own technology.

We also offer a crawl space encapsulation service.

We start the encapsulation process by cleaning out any debris from your crawl space and getting it ready. We also check for the causes of any water damage or flooding to make sure that those get repaired along the way.

We install plastic sheeting designed to seal your crawl space and prevent the ingress of moisture. Crawl space encapsulation also prevents the buildup of radon gas.

If your joists are damaged, we’ve got a solution that works for you. We can install crawl space Power Posts to correct sagging floors and add structural support that can withstand the rough conditions of a crawlspace.

If you’re ready to get your crawl space fixed, give Foundation Solutions 360 a call today.