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Crawl Space Repair in New Boston, MI

Crawl Space Repair in New Boston, MI

Crawl space repair in Wayne County, Michigan, is a primary list of things to check on the home repair. Wayne County homes have crawl spaces or basements below the home’s floorboards. They are only big enough to crawl through, and the primary purposes are for ventilation and gaining access to the home underneath. A Wayne County home will need repairs for multiple reasons. Climate is the main factor in repairs. We will cover other reasons and how they are dealt with in home improvements. Foundation Solutions 360 was created for the sole purpose of repair services in Wayne County.

Causes of Crawl Space Damage in New Boston, MI

Several reasons call for the need for crawl space repair. One of the main reasons is caused by water damage. Water comes through underneath through cracks in the walls, from the soil, cracks in the foundation, or through poor ventilation. Pipes can burst or leak anytime, especially after freezing or below-freezing temperatures, bad connections or valves at the pipes under the home, and cracked or corroded pipes. Boards can get permanently damaged by warping due to moisture or getting wet. Odors from mold and mildew form, and illnesses are also an effect of leaving the problem for too long.

Crawl space area problems arise due to the home settling, which happens every six months to a year. The ground and soil shift due to the changes in the climate from one extreme to another, hot to freezing. As the house sinks, the crawl space lessens as the foundation gives way. The home weighs much more than the foundation, and items begin to crack or collapse. If not tended to, the damage can be costly and sometimes cannot be repaired without a complete replacement.

Extreme heat in the summer and going to extreme cold in the winter play a role in the foundation and settlement. Michigan’s climate can be harsh on crawl spaces and basements, causing repairs from leakage and other forms of holding moisture. Water and moisture retention affects everything at the foundation because the support structure is concerned. Any part of the pipes can burst, and water comes through from the soil and can shift the ground.

Once water or moisture becomes an issue, it must be dealt with immediately because the further it goes, the more damage the home faces. Illnesses are another factor to consider, as mold and mildew cause asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses and infections. Some of these illnesses can become chronic if the repairs are not promptly addressed.

Crawl Space Repair Companies in New Boston, MI

With crawl space damage come many structural issues such as mold, rotting, mildew, and the structure’s frame or beams. Foundation Solutions 360 has served the public for over 20 years, is veteran-owned, and is still around and kicking harder than ever. They have proven they are trustworthy in and around the Wayne County, MI area and continue to treat and repair other damaged homes in any capacity.

Foundation Solutions 360’s technology can test the air quality in the crawl space to see if it is presentable and if any damages to the energy efficiency, floor structure, pipes, and other problems arise. Appointments are made, and there are free estimates.

Dehumidifiers are used in moisture and wet areas, have the perfect vacuum cleaner, and work on unclogging clogged vents. Foundation Solutions 360 fixes the symptoms, and they get to the bottom of it all and start by fixing the initial damages before moving on to something else or another project. They then repair any beams, boards, or any ground problems within the crawl space area. Ultimately, the home is releveled, and everything is adjusted and anchored to prevent further damage to the settlement.

Encapsulation is another method used to prevent moisture. A liner is placed so that it does not allow water in the crawlspace area from the soil. This teaches about the prevention of erosion and water damage. It also prevents all pests from entering the home through the crawl space or cracks or openings.

Power posts are the most common method today to use because it is a safer method to use to hold up the crawl space foundation. The posts are set where the floor is sagging and pushed upward with a jack. It adds more stability to the base and home value. Any doors, windows, or anything that opens or closes and is affected is fixed at the time of releveling. The power posts are coated with zinc and made with galvanized steel, so corrosion is not an option for future repairs.

Foundation Solutions 360 handles other services besides crawl space repair in Wayne County. They take care of basement waterproofing and cracks or shifting foundation repair, uses dehumidifiers to take the moisture out of the homes, and more.