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Crawl Space Repair in Northville, MI

Crawl Space Repair in Northville, MI

Underneath some homes is a crawlspace — a narrow space below the first floor. As its name suggests, it’s a space small enough to crawl, and it usually has an unfinished, dirt floor. Unfortunately, issues can arise with your crawl space, which could lead you to seek out crawl space repair in Oakland County. Let’s discuss what that entails.

Causes of Crawl Space Damage in Northville, MI

You may need crawl space repair for your Oakland County home if you have a moisture-related problem. For instance, you may have visible water damage. It’s possible there will be water stains. Due to the moisture, mold can form and damage the wood.

The support beams in the crawl space could fail. You may have sinking or improper settling. Not only does this affect the crawl space, but when you have the lower portion of your Oakland County home sinking, it’ll also affect the upstairs, leading to problems like uneven floors. While you may feel like you just never noticed the uneven floors, it may have been a prevalent issue for a while, but you just never took notice.

Your floors may also buckle, dip, or sag as a result of problems in your crawl space. When you open your windows or doors, you may notice that they won’t close as they should. Cracks could appear in your drywall.

You might have high humidity in your living areas from a crawl space problem as well.

As briefly noted, water damage is a common issue with a crawl space. Take notice if you spot puddles of water forming in your crawl space. This may require crawl space repair since the water vapor will release into the air and wreak havoc on the structure. You could have an insect infestation that could harm the integrity of structural beams. These are only some of the potential issues.

Northville homes are particularly prone to needing crawl space repair. The soil of the area traps moisture and keeps it around the foundation of the home. Excessive moisture also occurs as a result of Michigan winters. When you add in any openings in a home’s foundation and the fact that it happens over and over, it poses quite a problem for your crawl space and the structural integrity of your home.

Foundation Solutions 360 Crawl Space Repair in Northville, MI

If you’re curious to know if you might need crawl space repair, you may schedule an inspection, where a member of our team will arrive at your Northville home and thoroughly inspect the crawl space. During this time, our professional will look for any signs of water damage and other crawl space problems.


Encapsulation is a popular crawl space repair performed by Foundation Solutions 360. For this particular repair, professionals will install a moisture barrier to the dirt floor. The professionals will insulate walls, seal vents, and place crawl space dehumidifiers.

The process of encapsulation is a multiple-step process, beginning with removing any debris and grading the ground. If you’d like to keep your Oakland County home warmer in the winter, especially the floors, a crawl space specialist can install insulation at this point.

Next, the specialist will install a specialized liner using fasteners and Radon Shield. The professional ensures the seal is airtight. During the process, the crawl space technician will install a floor liner, which also has an airtight seal. All pipes will seal lock all piping and finish it with a permanent tape.

Power Post Installation

While encapsulation is a commonly requested service, Foundation Solutions 360 also offers power post installation. Rather than applying a temporary fix like a floor jack, you may opt for this permanent solution.

During the installation process, a specialist will use adjustable steel columns, installed on concrete pads to hold up the floor. The post is strong and resists rot. The metal is galvanized steel with a zinc coating to protect it from corrosion. Plus, the weight capacity of columns is extensive, allowing you to feel confident that your family and home are safe.

Crawl space repair in Oakland County can protect your home from major structural damage in the future. Treatments such as encapsulation can improve the energy efficiency of your home and ensure you and your family walk on warm floors, no matter what freezing Michigan temperatures winter has in store for you. And these are merely some of what crawl space repair can do for you and your home.

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