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Crawl Space Repair in River Rouge, MI

Crawl Space Repair in River Rouge, MI

Maintaining a home’s crawl space is crucial for ensuring the home’s integrity is sound. If you have a newly purchased home or a home that needs repairs and improvements to its crawlspace, you should call a professional immediately to ensure you prevent hazards related to the soundness of the structure and other potential threats to the well-being of the occupants. Residents living in Wayne County can depend on Foundation Solutions s360 to offer a complete range of expert services for crawl space repair in Wayne County, in addition to many other essential services to maintain a home’s foundation and structure.

Causes of Crawl Space Damage in River Rouge, MI

The most common cause of crawl space issues is related to moisture entering the crawlspace through the materials. In most instances, this occurrence is associated with the lack of a moisture barrier or one that is old or not up to specifications for modern homes. The moisture barrier is what keeps the space dry and sound.

Many problems arise when water and moisture from the ground begin to leak inside the crawlspace and through the construction materials. The most common issue is cracking in the crawlspace. When those cracks appear, it’s a sign that the structure’s integrity is at risk due to the deterioration of the building materials. Moisture leaks, causing weaknesses and cracks to appear under the weight of the home sitting on top of it.

When you have crawl space damage, many other problems eventually arise without crawl space repair. One of the most dangerous is the weight distribution and support of the home on the crawlspace. When the building materials are compromised, the weight of the house begins to compress the damaged areas and cause structural integrity problems.

When these issues become severe, they can cause parts of the home or the entire structure to become unsafe to live in until the proper repairs are completed. The best way to determine if there is damage is to inspect the property and find any cracks or eroded areas in the crawl space. If there are any present, you must have the home repaired at once.

Moisture leaking into the crawlspace and home also presents another problem in the winter months. A home’s pipes may freeze and burst if there is moisture present in the crawl space. When water freezes, it expands and freezes surrounding materials if they are dampened from the moisture in the air, which collects on surfaces.

Another danger of moisture leaking into a crawl space is that it attracts pests. Bugs and rodents will begin to appear in the crawlspace and make their way into the home. Even when they are contained in the crawl space, they are a hazard to the home’s occupants. This happens because the majority of the air found in the crawlspace will make its way through the home. When you breathe in this air, illness and disease, as well as feces and urine fumes, can enter your body and cause you to become ill. When they eventually make their way into the home, they leave their germs, bacteria, droppings, and other contaminants on all the surfaces they come in contact with while roaming freely. Anyone who needs access to the crawl space will also come in contact with them and their waste.

Besides pests, you’ll also expose your home to mold and mildew spores. Moisture creates these hazards and propels them through the crawl space and the entire home. Mold causes severe health issues for occupants who breathe it in.

This problem can cause severe reactions, asthma, and chronic disease issues. Anyone who suspects they have crawl space damage or has cracks in the crawl space should reach out to Foundations Solutions 360 right away to have them access the location and provide customized crawl space repair in Wayne County, and prevent further risks to Wayne County homes and those who live there.

Crawl Space Repair Companies in River Rouge, MI

When residents of River Rouge need crawl space repair in Wayne County, they can trust the expert services of Foundation Solutions 360 to help them get the services they need. We can provide a free inspection of the premises to help determine where the damage occurred and provide custom solutions that remedy the issues.

We can also begin working right away to complete the job promptly to minimize disruptions to your daily life. We are committed to ensuring the safety of your Wayne County home. Reach out to us today to speak to one of our helpful agents about crawl space repair in Michigan, and start the process of protecting your home and family from crawl space damage.