When it comes to issues with your home, some are much more obvious to the naked eye. For example, if a neighbor’s kid accidentally knocks a baseball through your window, odds are high you will repair the window in a timely fashion. When something is in plain sight, it often gets our attention and immediately becomes a priority. Conversely, when something is out of sight, it often remains out of mind. In the case of your foundation, it might easy to ignore issues that are forming. You simply close the door to your basement and carry on as if nothing is going on below your home.

However, the longer you leave a foundation that is damaged unrepaired, the worse the damages will become. As Macomb foundation repair experts, we are passionate about helping homeowners find the right fix for their foundation. Whether it is repairing a foundation crack or adding helical piers to stabilize a shifting foundation, we are ready to assist you with the base of your home. Read on to learn the five reasons why foundation repair should be a priority on your list of home repair.

#1: The Base Of It All

While you might not notice your foundation, it is hard at work every day, holding your home in place. From the very top of your roof to the basement beneath your feet, your foundation is truly the base of it all. Without a strong, solid foundation, your entire home is put at risk. It isn’t always noticeable at first, but over time a damaged foundation can lead to a host of other issues.

Because your foundation is the base for your entire home’s structural integrity, any damages should be addressed right away. Don’t let the fact that you don’t see your foundation on a daily basis cause you to forget about its vital role.

#2: Unrepaired Damages Equal More Damages

When you neglect repairs to your foundation, a small issue can quickly turn into a much bigger issue. For example, minor cracking in your foundation can soon become serious. As moisture invades these existing cracks, the freeze and thaw cycle will cause the cracks to expand even further. With enough time, something that started out as a minimal issue can turn into a failing foundation.

Not only can the actual damage to the foundation continue to spread, but the damages to the rest of your home can spread as well. A shifting foundation can cause walls in your home to undergo large amounts of stress. Before you know it, your home has major damage to the entire structure, which leads us to our next point.

#3: Keep Your Costs At A Minimum

Often, homeowners procrastinate foundation repairs because they are worried about the high costs they associate with these repairs. The reality, though, is that the longer you put off repairs, the more costly the final repairs will wind up being. Your foundation is not going to fix itself, no matter how long you put off dealing with the issue.

By addressing foundation issues early on, you can save yourself copious amounts of money down the road. For example, you might only need to pay for foundation crack repair rather than the repair of your home’s entire structure if you catch things early enough.

#4: Protect Your Family

A damaged foundation puts you and your family at risk. Not only can a shifting or sinking foundation cause serious structural issues to your home that can pose a danger, but additional moisture in your home can lead to health concerns. When your basement, crawl space, and foundation are not properly sealed against water, moisture will build within these areas. As moisture collects, mold and mildew can begin to grow. These growths can cause an array of health issues, such as allergies, worsened asthma symptoms, headaches, and more.

By taking care of foundation repairs right away, you can keep your family protected from these unwanted hazards.

#5: Equip Your Home For The Future

Finally, investing in foundation repairs will ensure that your home is equipped for the future. Not only do you want to fix any existing damages, but you want to prevent any damages from happening down the road. Here at Foundation Solutions 360, we not only can repair existing damages through proven methods, but we can also prevent damage down the road through tasks such as waterproofing your basement, sealing your crawl space, and more.

If your foundation is damaged and you have been avoiding repairs, contact our team today to schedule an inspection. We provide foundation repair in Macomb and across the state of Michigan. We can help you choose the right solution for your existing issue and set you up to avoid any further damages down the road. Talk to us today and put your home back on solid ground.