When you Google the phrase ‘How To Repair Your Home’s Foundation,’ you’ll come across a myriad of articles about doing the repairs yourself. You’ll even get a YouTube video about how you can spot signs in your foundation that signal you need to make repairs. While these articles and videos are beneficial to spot signs that your home is in need of repair it doesn’t mean you should get out your toolkit and begin to make all of the repairs yourself. In fact, Foundation Solutions 360 strongly recommends that you do not get out your tools and begin to make repairs to your foundation yourself. You could severely damage your home as well as yourself. It’s best to leave repairing your home’s foundation to the experts who will ensure that your house is taken care of.

While it can be expensive, many homeowners spend an estimated amount of $4,000 for more generic foundation repairs. We recommend spending some of the big bucks to ensure your home and family are living in a sturdy home. For more information on foundation repairs and ways to repair your home foundation, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Foundation Solutions 360.

What To Do When Your Home Needs Foundation Repairs

So you watch a video or you read an article that helps you diagnose the issues of your home’s foundation. While you feel a bit confused about helical piers and bowing walls, you understand a fair amount of what’s going on in your home. What do you do now? Do you take the risk to repair it yourself — after all, how hard can it be? Or do you call on Foundation Solutions 360 to address the issue? We recommend that when you’re dealing with foundation issues in your house that you call on us to fix your residence. You don’t want to deal with a bigger issue than you already have, right?

Additionally, foundation issues can range from major issues such as sinking to minor ones like cracks. When you notice that there are discrepancies in your foundation, the best thing for you is to have someone come out, look at it, and determine how it can be repaired. While you may be tempted to do it yourself, we recommend that you leave it up to the professionals.

The Foundation Repair Services We Offer

When you’re faced with the need for foundation repairs, you can count on Foundation Solutions for all of your needs. As a veteran-owned and operated company, we’re proud to serve the residents of Michigan. We have experience with fixing cracks, leaning and bowing walls, as well as sinking foundation. When you notice that your foundation is in need or repairs, the first thing you should do is called a professional. A majority of repairs are needed because of water that allows the soil to expand and contract beneath your home. As the seasons change, your foundation will begin to be stressed due to the changes in soil and water. However, sometimes foundation issues can be attributed to poor construction or leaks in the plumbing. At Foundation Solutions 360, we have a few services that can be beneficial to your Michigan home.

Leaning And Bowing Walls

Leaning and bowing walls will need to be straightened out. You’ll need wall anchors to hold the weight of the wall. Wall anchors have been a trusted solution for over 70 years and act as a solution to address the problem. We definitely recommend wall anchors for leaning and bowing walls, but there are also other solutions. For example, you can take advantage of the wall beam, which is also a great repair method for walls that aren’t straight. There are advantages to both of these methods for leaning and bowing walls, so it’s important to talk to Foundation Solutions 360 to determine what works best for your home and budget.

Crack Repair

Another service that we provide is crack repair. When you have a leak or a structural crack, then low pressure injection can be the best method to fill up those cracks. Low pressure injection is a precise method to fill the crack and guarantee that it’s been taken care of for years to come. On the other end of the spectrum, there is high pressure injection, which is much more complication and is not as precise. However, it fills up the crack fast and is a great method that’s quick to fix the issue at hand. You’ll also need to choose between epoxy or polyurethane materials to fill the crack. While we recommended epoxy for structural cracks, polyurethane is great for absorbing water and preventing leakage.

Sinking Foundation

A sinking foundation is a huge issue, so it’s important to get it taken care of as quickly as possible. Sinking foundation can occur because of the soil, poor structure, due to shifting, or for many other reasons. The important factor to remember about sinking foundation is that you may think your home is settling, but that’s not always the issue. When your foundation begins to sink, you’ll want to go with piering because it’s the best solution. Helical piers are great, especially for resale value and the peace of mind you need to ensure your home has a sturdy foundation.

To learn more about foundation repair, talk to a professional at Foundation Solutions 360 today.