Underneath your home lies some of the most important component of the structure. Everything from your walls to your floors and all things in between rely upon the ground your home rests upon. From the actual soil to the foundation that was laid when your home was built, these unseen pieces of your home hold up the structure and keep it safe from harm. When your foundation is failing, it can spell big trouble for the integrity of the structure as a whole.

As specialists in foundation repair in Macomb and across the state of Michigan, we are well aware of the dangers foundations in our state can face. In a previous post, we outlined the reasons why your foundation might not remain stable. However, understanding what dangers exist is only the beginning. It is vital that you can recognize the warning signs of a broken foundation so that you can take proper action in a timely manner. Check out the following indicators that something is amiss beneath your home.

Leaning Or Bowing Walls

One clear sign that your foundation is not holding up to the Michigan weather is leaning or bowing walls. When you enter your basement or crawl space, do you notice that the walls are starting to shift? If you begin to see a lean in the walls or they are bowing out in certain areas, it is a good indication that your foundation is at fault. Over time, this can spread from just the walls in the base of your home and will lead to issues with the walls above ground.

Leaning and bowing walls are caused by shifting soil underneath your home. As the soil around your home’s base moves, expanding and contracting, it can place a large amount of pressure on the walls of your foundation. This can cause the entire structure of your home to be put at risk. There are solutions available to rectify this problem, but action needs to be taken as quickly as possible to mitigate the risk to your entire home.

Sinking Foundation

When the soil underneath your home is not solid, it can cause your foundation to actually begin to sink. Shifting soil will no longer support the foundation slab, leading to sinking. You will notice that your foundation is sinking if your home is no longer even. Signs of this might include tilted floors in your home or a notable slump in your property from front to back.

When your foundation starts to sink, odds are it won’t sink at an equal rate. This means one part of your home might be on higher ground than another. Over time, this will severely damage your foundation and can cause your entire home to tilt, putting stress on the entire structure. If you see signs of sinking, contact a professional right away. They can properly assess what is happening, determine how severe the sinking is, and find the right solution to rectify the issue.

Cracking And The Formation Of Crevices

As you walk around the base of your home, do you notice cracks or crevices forming? This can be detected from the exterior or from the interior of your basement or crawl space. These cracks will form in a variety of ways, both vertically and horizontally. Once cracks start to form, they might widen in areas, leading to crevices. As moisture builds up in these cracks and crevices, the problem will worsen. During the freeze/thaw cycle, they will expand and contract, causing the cracks to spread.

Once you see the first small crack in your home’s foundation, you should contact a professional. While a tiny crack might not be a big deal, if left undealt with, it can turn into a true catastrophe. Your home’s foundation is responsible for keeping the entire structure solid, so even the smallest of issues should be handled right away. The good news is that when you catch cracks and crevices early on, the foundation repair costs will be much cheaper. The longer you let this issue go, the more costly the repairs.

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