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Foundation Repair in Grand Rapids MI

Foundation Repair in Grand Rapids MIAt Foundation Solutions 360, we’re proud to serve Grand Rapids, MI and the surrounding areas for any and all foundation repair needs. The health of your foundation is critical to the structure and safety of your home. We understand better than anyone that small problems can lead to bigger problems in time, so we offer a wide range of foundation repair services for everything ranging from simple, early problems to more complicated and critical foundation repair needs.

Why Choose Foundation Solutions 360 for Your Home in Grand Rapids MI?

Not only do we have a meticulous understanding of the issues specific to foundation repair needs in Grand Rapids and Michigan as a whole, but we also offer the most innovative patented repair solutions. Our projects draw on our entire toolkit of skills in creating a customized solution for your specific foundation repair needs. Our service is top notch within the industry because Foundation Solutions 360 is proud to:

  • Offer a lifetime transferable warranty* on our foundation repair service so you can put your foundation issues to bed for good; with the added bonus of being a major selling point should you ever decide to sell your home.
  • Have licensed, insured and certified inspectors available 24/7 so you can get started as soon as your foundation repair needs make themselves known or you experience an emergency.
  • Offer interest free financing so you don’t have to put off small repairs now that turn into bigger repairs later.
  • Offer proven solutions like crack repair, wall anchor beams and helical piers so your problem is dealt with effectively and permanently.
  • Be veteran owned and operated so you know we are disciplined in making sure your foundation repair is flawless.
  • Use American-made parts, equipment and sealants to help support local businesses.

Why You Should Deal With Foundation Repair Needs Immediately 

We understand that owning a home in Grand Rapids MI often means prioritizing projects and the time and money they consume. You should know that foundation repair needs may be more critical than you realize. Signs of needing foundation repairs include:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Leaning/bowing walls
  • Sinking foundation
  • A slight grade to the floors
  • Windows/doors that become stuck or don’t close properly
  • Shifting chimney

Dealing with these problems can help maintain the stability and safety of your Grand Rapids home. When a foundation is failing at its primary function (holding up the incredible weight of your entire house), letting it slide can turn it into a significantly more complex and expensive problem. So give us a call today at 855-532-5360 today to get started!