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Foundation Repair in Meridian

foundation repair in Meridian

Are you noticing uneven floors or bowing walls at your home? These are suggestive signs of foundation damage. A damaged floor needs repair. While some home foundation repairs can be less expensive, more severe damages, require significant investments. Foundation repair Meridian, MI, is one of the most innovative home investments you can make.

Advanced foundation concerns can indicate severe structural challenges and, in the worst instance, structural failure. For example, collapsing floors or basement walls pose a severe threat without the proper support. On the other hand, knowing that your home is secure because of foundation repair in Meridian might offer you hope.

permanent foundation restoration using wall braces, carbon fiber wall reinforcement, piers systems, and other modern techniques restores your safety, comfort, and home’s market value.

Common Meridian Foundation Problems

Some of Meridian, Michigan’s most typical foundation issues include sloping floors, cracks, and dampness in the crawl space. Let’s examine each of the problems individually.

Sinking outdoor concrete

Misaligned or broken concrete is a common foundation problem that poses a safety hazard. The problem usually happens when the soil below the concrete is washed away, and it becomes impossible to support the weight of the floor. The foundation problem can be noticed with sinking or cracking sections of slabs, sinking sidewalks, or concrete steps.

Sloping floors

Sloping floors often happen when a portion of the ground supporting the foundation starts to settle. Your sloping floor might also develop some cracks in it. Wall-to-wall floor fissures are an indication of foundation displacement. If the damage affects one or two tiles, something probably landed on the floor and caused it.

Foundation Heave

Foundation heaves problem results in your slab or foundation moving upwards. This often results in cracks developing on your home’s floors and walls. Increased wetness or freezing forces are the primary cause of foundation heave. Heaving occurs more frequently with slabs and in the first few years after the building construction.

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Sometimes it requires home foundation repair experts to determine whether your foundation needs immediate attention. Some of the common damage warning signs of a weak foundation include:

Wall cracks

Cracks in your home’s walls, floors, and other areas could signify a foundation issue. As a result, it’s wise to check through your house, looking for cracks periodically. Check the drywall, porches, slab, stairs, masonry, floors, bricks, chimney, garage column, floor tiles, and interior and external foundation walls.

If you notice any strange cracks in your house, a foundation repair specialist should immediately contact you for an assessment. Unfortunately, having foundation issues will only worsen with time, increasing the repair cost the more you wait.

Dampness in the crawl space

If your home has a crawl space, the humidity level should be kept at 55% or low. Keeping the humidity level low prevents the growth of mold and mildew. If your crawl space has moisture or a wet, moldy crawl space indicates a foundation problem. Significantly, besides doing a crawl space repair, you will first need to repair your foundation to avoid such issues in the future.

Collapsing Retaining wall

Retaining walls are generally meant to maintain the lateral soil pressure. The walls hold back the soil from moving because of erosion or gravity. If you notice signs such as tilting or collapsing retaining walls, failing/crumbling retaining walls, or retaining walls separating from adjacent walls, that indicates the foundation problem.

Floor Cracks 

If you notice telltale signs such as cracks on the concrete floor, floors forming gaps between the wall and the floor, and floors separating or dropping from the walls, those are foundation damage warning signs.

Foundation Solutions 360 Foundation Repair Solutions

Different foundation problems have their unique solutions. As Foundation Solution 360, we recommend all homes in Meridian, MI, have their foundations repaired. Here are our common foundation repair solutions to the common foundation problems:

  • Foundation piers: They provide solutions to cracking walls because of foundation settlement. As foundation solutions 360, we will install for you proven foundation piers that guarantee a stable foundation.
  • A wall anchor system: Ths is a proven solution to failing foundation walls due to expansive soils. Are you looking for a wall anchor system? Do not be worried. Unlike other foundation repair companies, we have done all the research work for you on the same. As a result, you will get a durable, price-friendly, and high-quality anchor system from us.
  • Slab Piers: They offer a solution to floor cracks. Slab piers should be installed below your concrete slab floor. As Foundation Solution 360, we have installed slab piers for several homes in Meridian, MI. We will install quality slab piers that strongly support the soil, ensuring long-term support.
  • Helical tieback system: The system provides a solution to collapsing retaining walls. It is often used for reinforcement.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

Here are the benefits of foundation repair in your home.

  • Boosts your home value: Repairing your foundation assures you of the stability of your house in the future. This can be an attractive feature to prospective buyers. Investing in interior and exterior foundation repair is crucial, even if you are not planning to sell your home.
  • Prevents property damage and flooding: Foundation damage results in plumbing problems and potential basement flooding. Installation of sump pumps as part of foundation repair prevents future flooding problems and any other issues involved.
  • Brings Comfort: Taking care of issues that foundation damage can cause eliminates frustrations, and you can happily enjoy your home.
  • Saves money: You can save up to ten times more by investing in foundation repair service rather than foundation replacement services. Additionally, a replacement can be expensive as compared to a repair.

 Trust Foundation Solutions 360 For All Foundation Repair Projects

As discussed earlier, your foundation is critical to your home. A foundation problem left unattended is a recipe for future disaster. Your home will weaken, and the internal wall can start to buckle. Additionally, this can result in uneven doors, floors, and windows suddenly refusing to close properly. The entire structure of your home will eventually be weakened.

As Foundation Solutions 360, we are the best among many foundation companies. Our residential foundation repair company is fully licensed and insured. Whether you want full foundation repair, basement waterproofing, or crawl space repair, we got your back. We have been tested and proved to be the best in our offer. Foundation repair Meridian, MI, is what we do best, and we are ready to serve you.

Whether you need to repair your bowing walls, foundation cracks, slab piers, or wall anchor systems or take advantage of foundation repair solutions, we are ready and happy to serve you. With many years of service, Foundation 360 Solutions understands how to make the most of foundation repair in Meridian, MI. You can also reach us at (855) 532-5360 today!