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Owning your own home brings with it a wonderful sense of accomplishment. However, there are also certain responsibilities that come along too. Caring for your home’s foundation is one of those responsibilities. Foundation maintenance and repair is a vital part of your home care. Your home’s foundation may not be the most visible aspect of the house, but it can have a huge impact on the home’s value and safety.

At Foundation Solutions 360 we provide critical foundation repair services for homeowners in Blackman, MI and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn more.

Common Foundation Problems

There can be many contributing factors to foundation issues in Michigan. Let’s look at some of the most common foundation problems.

Settling- Settling is a common problem for foundations. This is especially noticeable in older homes. When the soil beneath the house begins to shift, it can cause the foundation of the entire house to shift as well. This can cause a wide array of issues both in the foundation and in other parts of the home.

Erosion- Erosion of the soil under and around the foundation can also contribute to problems. The state of Michigan experiences drastic temp changes throughout the year. When snow falls, freezes, and then melts, it can move soil along with it. When erosion takes place, it can leave a foundation vulnerable to shifting. The weight of the home on the foundation needs the soil in place to bear that weight.

Water damage- Another common issue is water damage. When water is able to seep down into the foundation of the home, it will eventually start to wear away at the soil beneath and it will also cause damage to the foundation materials. This is why it is important to manage the water runoff on your property to ensure that the water is not making its way into your foundation.

Common Foundation Damage Warning Signs

If your foundation is in need of repair, there will be certain warning signs. Here, we will outline some of the most common warning signs that could signal you need foundation repair from foundation companies.

Sagging floors- If you start to notice that the structural shape of your floors is changing, it is most likely due to foundation problems. Sagging floors are often first noticed in the center of a room. If left unrepaired, this problem will escalate quickly. The further the floor sags, the more vulnerable it will become and then the sagging will start to happen very quickly.

Sloping floors- Like sagging floors, sloping floors is also a sign that your foundation needs attention. Sloping floors is often caused by the settling of the foundation in only one part of the home.

Leaning or bowing walls- Another sure signs of foundation problems is leaning or bowing walls. When the foundation has been compromised, the weight of the home will be transferred to other parts of the house. If this weight is transferred to the walls, it will cause them to bow or lean.

Cracks- Cracks are another very common warning signs of foundation problems. Cracks can appear in walls, window sills, and even in the exterior of the home along the visible parts of the foundation. Cracks indicate that the foundation is settling and cannot bear the weight of the home any longer. Cracks usually happen if the flooring is very strong. If the flooring is very strong it will not sag and slope, so the pressure of the weight of the house is then transferred to the walls.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Foundation repair companies can help with many foundation problems. Here are some of the ways we can help at Foundation Solutions 360. Once your foundation issue has been properly diagnosed by our experts, we will provide you with a foundation repair plan. Your repair plan may include one of the following solutions.

Wall anchors- Wall anchors can be used to hold the weight that is being transferred to the walls. Wall anchors should be used along with proper landscaping and outdoor drainage. Our team can help you fix leaning and bowing walls with this solution.

Crack repair- If cracks have already started to appear, our team can fix this problem with crack repair. Cracks can be repaired with the injection of low pressure resin. This fills cracks and reestablishes the proper weight distribution throughout the foundation. This method is usually used along side other techniques to address foundation issues.

Helical Piers

If your foundation has already started to sink a foundation repair company can help. With the use of Helical Piers, a sinking foundation can be recovered. This technique will help to slowly correct wall movement and help to secure the future of the foundation. This is an important type of home foundation repair service.

We Can Help

If you are in need of residential foundation repair in Blackman, MI Foundation Solutions 360 is here to help. Please contact our foundation repair experts today to have your home inspected.