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Foundation Repair in Lenawee County, MI

Foundation Repair in Lenawee County MIIt might seem strange to you that your basement has water puddles in it when it didn’t even rain. We encourage you to request a Lenawee County, MI residential foundation inspection if this happens.

If you’re not sure what the problem is, our Foundation 360 foundation repair experts will help you find the source of the progressing damage. Call us as soon as possible, especially if you feel like your first floor may cave in, or you have seen foundation cracks or bowing walls.

Common Lenawee County Foundation Problems

It’s best to take care of your foundation problems as soon as you notice the bowing concrete slabs. This applies to not only your walls but your floors. This usually happens before they crack, and we can prolong the life of this concrete before its top layer starts to crumble, which it often does.

Other common foundation problems include growth of pathogens, such as black mold or fungi, that thrive in moist, humid conditions. By the way, this humidity doesn’t confine itself to your basement or crawl space when you have foundation problems. It also affects the rest of your home, causing mold to show up in corners of every room you have if you let it.

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Watch out for the first warning signs of foundation damage. It usually starts with windows and doors not fitting quite right when you try to open or close them. You probably would find this especially odd if you’re the one who built the house and knew it wasn’t always that way.

You might also notice basement furniture or shelving has slid from its original spot. The stairs leading to your foundation level also might seem like they have bowed. On the first floor, you perhaps will hear creaking when you walk, which could indicate signs of foundation problems.

Sinking and bowing usually means that the ground beneath your home is settling. It has eroded past the point where it can support your house the way it used to.

It’s definitely time for an inspection at this point before you have worse problems. For instance, you will want to prevent electrical outages that could occur if more water enters your basement. After we look at the condition of your basement or crawl space, we will recommend the best residential foundation repair for you.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Basement Waterproofing – Any place where your basement has water spots, we will clean up the mess and treat it with a waterproof seal. This will prevent the foundation weakening that water damage can cause. It’s wise to take this action before cracks occur, but it can even help after the fact if we determine your concrete slabs are repairable.

Crawl Space Encapsulation –This form of crawl space repair involves sealing off every permeable inch of this area. This will prevent water from entering, which can cause moisture-feeding organisms to grow and cause allergic reactions, sicknesses and breathing problems.

Concrete lifting – This calls for an injection of polyurethane underneath your concrete slabs. This fills in the gaps where the soil has sunk away from the bottom of your basement or crawl space floor. The support offered by administering this treatment will add new strength where your soil cannot.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

You can save your home from becoming condemned, for one. Of course, it’s usually unlikely that your foundation condition has become that severe unless a major flood has occurred. In any case, it will prevent the spread of mold and other pathogens caused by humidity.

It will stop problems from occurring not only on the ground floor but on your first, second -- and other floors too, if you have an attic or a third or fourth floor, for instance. You could, essentially, prevent your entire home from sinking as if it suddenly met quicksand.

Seeking foundation repair as soon as possible will also prevent frame and beam rotting. In turn, this will stop you from accidentally demolishing your place. It also can prevent dangerous hazards, such as electrical fires and water or gas explosions.

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