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Foundation Repair in Memphis MIAfter almost 20 years in the foundation repair business in the Memphis, MI area, we’ve definitely noticed a trend in the questions we are asked by clients and homeowners. We thought it was worth compiling the most common questions into a FAQ for anyone in need of foundation repairs in the state of Michigan. Without further preamble, here are the answers to your most burning questions!

What Are Some Signs That I Need Foundation Repairs?

While it’s hard to say for sure without a foundation repair inspection, there are some key warning signs to watch for. If you have problems with cracking drywall, or windows and doors that shift, stick or don’t close, you may have a shifting foundation in need of repair.

What Do I Do If My Foundation Problem Has Caused Plumbing Damage?

Absolutely have foundation repairs completed before you finish your plumbing repairs. There may be mechanical jacking required during your foundation repair or further shifting may occur before you have them completed. This means any plumbing repairs may be short lived.

How Long Will It Take to Complete My Foundation Repairs? 

This is largely dependent on the specific issues, but most foundation repairs can be completed in anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks.

How Much Does An Inspection Cost?

At Foundation Solutions 360, we’re pleased to offer free consultations and estimates for all of our clients in Memphis, MI and beyond. Our trained and certified technicians can assess your problem and give you an informed estimate on the cost and duration of any foundation repairs that are required. Of course, they’d also be happy to inform you when foundation repairs are ultimately unnecessary.

Should I Be Home for The Inspection?

As it can be a pretty extensive process to fully assess your foundation issues, it is certainly preferable that the homeowner is present for the consultation which can take up to a couple of hours. We will need to ask specific questions and may need to move belongings in order to get the full picture.

Do Foundation Repairs Come with A Warranty?

In our opinion, they always should! That’s why we offer one of the best warranties in the business. We offer a transferable lifetime warranty* on our foundation repairs and other services throughout the state of Michigan.

For answers to more questions or to book your free consultation, call us today at 855-532-5360 to get started. Our goal is to ensure structurally sound homes for all homeowners throughout Michigan and we can’t wait to put our expertise and experience to work for you.