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Foundation Repair in Frenchtown Township, MI

Foundation Repair Frenchtown Township

Foundation problems are common in Michigan homes. If you don’t get home foundation repair, you will eventually notice problems in other areas of your home. The longer you wait for repairs, the more severe foundation issues become. If you need residential foundation repair, you should know that Foundation Solutions 360 offers foundation Repair in Frenchtown Township.

Common Frenchtown Township Foundation Problems

There are a few common causes of foundation damage in Frenchtown Township you should be aware of.


The most common cause of foundation problems, which lead Michigan residents to seek out residential foundation repair, is water.

Frenchtown Township receives nearly 34 inches of rain a year, which is slightly lower than average in the U.S. However, the township also receives 37 inches of snow, which is nearly 10 inches more than the national average.

Water can pool around your foundation, which puts pressure on it. This can lead to cracks or leaks, which further damage your foundation.

Sinking Foundation

Michigan soils can be prone to erosion or sinking. If your foundation begins to sink unevenly, this puts stress on it.

Think of yourself standing on one leg. Rather than the weight being evenly distributed, all your weight is on the supporting leg. A sinking foundation has a similar effect.

Poor Construction

Unfortunately, not all foundation companies employ skilled experts. Poor construction is a common cause of foundation problems. The good news is, this issue can be remedied with a reputable foundation repair company.

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Many homeowners don’t realize they need foundation repair experts until their foundation has been seriously damaged. Understanding the warning signs can allow you to take action early.


The first sign of foundation damage most homeowners notice is cracks in their walls. You may notice cracks in the sheetrock of interior walls, or crack in the exterior brickwork of your home.

Uneven Floors or Bowing Walls

Leaning or bowing walls is a sign that you need foundation repair. Walls lean or bow when the foundation becomes uneven.

Uneven floors are also a sign that your foundation has been damaged. This can occur due to foundation sinking, or water damage due to leaks or cracks in your foundation.

Sticking Doors and Windows

If your door or window starts sticking, this is also a sign of trouble. When your foundation is even, your doors and windows are true. If the foundation becomes uneven, it leads to your doors and windows being out of true. This will ultimately make them stick, or not shut correctly.

Foundation Repair Solutions

There are several foundation repair solutions offered by foundation repair companies.

Crack Repair

Crack repair is typically done with low-pressure injection. This uses either epoxy or polyurethane foam, depending on the crack. If it affects the structure of your home, the cracks are filled with epoxy. If the goal is to stop water leaks, polyurethane foam is effective.

Wall Anchors and Beams

Leaning or bowing walls can be repaired with wall anchors or beams. They are placed into the soil. They can then be used to straighten bowing or leaning walls.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are the perfect solution for a sinking or settling foundation. The piers are installed around the foundation of your home. This provides a secure anchor point. This prevents the foundation from sinking further, and allows the foundation to be straightened.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

There are many benefits of foundation repair.

Restore Structural Soundness

One of the most notable benefits is that it will restore the structural soundness of your home. This extends the life of your home, and provides safety for you and your family.

Saves Time and Money

Foundation damage can lead to damage in many areas of your home. The repairs can be very expensive. In severe cases, you may have to leave your home while the repairs are completed.

Foundation repair prevents problems from getting worse, which will ultimately save you time and money.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Even if you don’t plan to spend years in your home, you should still consider foundation repair, because it boosts the value of your home. Think of home foundation repair as an investment in your home.

Attractive Yard

You may not think about your foundation being related to your yard, but it is. Poor drainage is a common cause of foundation problems. This also causes flooding or soil erosion in your yard.

Foundation repair companies offer drainage services. Proper drainage can prevent problems like flooding in your yard, and give you an attractive yard.

Foundation Repair Service With Foundation Solutions 360

If you need foundation repair in Frenchtown Township, contact Foundation Solutions 360. Our foundation repair experts will inspect your home, and discuss your foundation repair options.