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Foundation Repair in Franklin, MI

Foundation Repair in Franklin MIAre you looking for the best foundation repair in Franklin, MI? Foundation Repair Solutions has foundation repair experts who can restore your foundation, so it is as new.

If you have been asking, “Is there a reliable foundation specialist near me?” or Googling, “foundation solutions near me,” – look no more. Our foundation renovation services are worth the cost of having a professional to get your house back in working order!

Common Franklin, MI Foundation Problems

Your first thought may be that the foundation was built incorrectly if you have noticed fractures in your foundation walls or floors, bowing or buckling walls, or uneven flooring. However, the soils in the area may be the root of the problem rather than your foundation.

Excavated soil is replaced as backfill when a foundation is dug out and laid. Regrettably, this process has the potential to undermine the soil near the foundation and potentially cause issues.

The most frequent problems seen by foundation repair companies in Franklin, MI include:

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

There are several things you can watch out for, to know if you need to seek a foundation repair specialist.

Exterior cracks

Fine crinkles on the steps, or in the outer walls are typically unimportant. However,  large, zigzag outside cracks are a warning that the foundation needs to be checked.

Interior sheetrock cracks

You should be suspicious of a problem when interior sheetrock cracks are zigzagging and almost the height of the wall.

Uneven floors and/or doors out of square

After a few years of settling, very few houses are plumb, but a door that is seriously out of square and has cracks in the wall above it needs to be examined.

Separation of brick from windows or door frames

  • One of the most obvious signs that the foundation is unstable is a window or door frame that is separating from the brick wall.
  • Tile cracks
  • Though quite durable after being fired, tiles remain brittle. Cracks on tiles can be caused by a variety of factors.
  • Separation of Expansion Joints
  • A poor foundation can separate an expansion joint to where it fails, which can lead to widespread cracking.

Walls pull away from house

If you observe an exterior wall peeling away from the house, immediately contact a foundation repair contractor. The wall may fall down if this isn’t corrected.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Having a strong, long-lasting foundation can be quite advantageous.

Foundation Repair Solutions is a foundation repair company that can help you achieve this goal by repairing and restoring your foundations so they are as good as new. To diagnose, treat, and repair foundations in a quick and efficient manner, our experts employ the most current technologies and procedures. Waterproofing, gutters cleaning, siding installation/repair, window washing/screens replacement, and more are all available.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

Prevents flooding

A damp foundation is not just unpleasant but actually unsafe. Not only does it lead to mold and mildew growth, but it also endangers the home’s structural integrity. With a foundation repair, you can have a sump pump installed to shield your foundation against moisture and water damage and reduce the risk of further property damage.

Improves comfort and livability

If you feel a bit wobbly when you walk, this may be a sign of foundation damage. Aside from this, it may also cause doors and windows to become hard to open and close because of the shifted floor. If you have toddlers in your home, these little issues can cause accidents if not addressed immediately. Contracting a quality foundation repair service will eliminate these frustrations and improve your comfort and enjoyment in your home.

Guards against potential property damage

The most obvious benefit of repairing a home’s foundation is an increase in the structure’s lifespan. Beyond irregularities that cause serious damage, the foundation is also subjected to wear and tear over time even with proper maintenance.

Increase your property’s value

Home foundation repair may not be as exciting as a porch installation or bedroom remodeling. However, it is an equally important part of home improvement and the benefits that it provides for your comfort, enjoyment, and safety, as well as the boost to your property value, far outweigh its costs.

We provide permanent solutions backed by long-term warranties.

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