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Foundation Repair in Holly, MI

Foundation Repair in Holly MIIf the foundation of your home in Oakland County is starting to sink or crack, you need to get professional foundation repair in Holly, MI as soon as possible. The longer you wait to get residential foundation repair, your entire home could be at extreme risk of becoming severely damaged. At Foundation Solutions 360, you’ll get the help and professionalism of an experienced foundation repair contractor that understands the importance of having a home that’s sturdy and dependable.

Most foundation damage begins as something small or unnoticeable. But once you notice them, it could already be too late. Make sure you choose a house foundation repair that you can count on. The experts at Foundation Solutions 360 have the training and know-how to find serious foundation problems like issues with your crawl space, bowing walls, and more. Let our foundation repair experts help you so that you can have peace of mind knowing your home is on solid ground.

Common Holly, MI Foundation Problems

One of the biggest reasons that foundation repair is required is bowing walls. As the soil shifts, it creates pressure against the walls of your home, causing them to start leaning. If the wall bows too far, it can start to fail, leading to serious and expensive problems. Our foundation repair service will install a wall anchor or a beam to provide you with a permanent solution.

Yet another common problem is foundation cracks. This issue usually seems harmless at first, but it the cracks grow, it can create serious issues later on. There are several reasons why you’d need a foundation specialist to fix these cracks. First, the basement or foundation may crack as the soil under your home erodes or shrinks. It may also depend on the type of soil your home sits on and how much water it absorbs. Our foundation repair company will fill and seal the cracks to get your home restored.

Foundation settlement or sinking is another of many foundation problems homeowners in the Holly area may face. If you’re in need of these foundation solutions, adding helical piers is one of the best repair methods available. This process slowly fixes wall movement, and it works well when digging outside isn’t an option. Make sure you rely on our foundation repair experts to help you get the protection and restoration you need for stability and peace of mind.

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Before you contact foundation companies that specialize in repair, it’s important to be aware of the warning signs that you may have problems forming or existing foundation damage. Here are some important things to look for so you can contact the right repair expert:

  • Your home’s foundation feels like it’s shifting or sinking
  • You see visible cracks in your crawl space or your concrete foundation
  • Water is seeping into the walls or puddling onto the floors of your basement
  • Doors and windows start to stick or become difficult to open and close
  • Visible cracks in exterior and/or interior walls
  • Warped siding

These are just some signs of damage to your foundation. It’s always a good idea to schedule a foundation inspection regularly so that you can stay on top of any issues that may arise.

Foundation Repair Solutions

If you’re concerned about your home’s foundation, consult with the experts at Foundation Solutions 360 for your home foundation repair needs. We specialize in a wide range of solutions including crack repair, straightening leaning or bowing walls, fixing shifting foundations, and other permanent solutions. Our repair methods are designed to do more than just patch cracks, they’re made to last for years to come. Whether you have a sinking foundation or bowing walls, our foundation renovation professionals can handle any task. We also specialize in basement waterproofing, keeping your home dry, and preventing moisture and water problems from reoccurring.

Benefits of Foundation Repair

There are many excellent benefits of hiring foundation repair companies like Foundation Solutions 360, including:

  • You’ll get permanent solutions to your problem, regardless of the type of foundation your home is on.
  • A foundation repair professional knows how to use time-tested repair methods like wall anchors to straighten leaning walls and shifting foundations.
  • From pier and beam to concrete slabs, professional foundation repair will improve the structural stability of your home.
  • We will fix all of your issues efficiently and effectively with a custom-tailored solution that works for you.
  • Our team can fix any issue, large or small, and we also offer basement waterproofing.
  • Fixing your foundation will improve your home’s resale value, make your home safer, and give you peace of mind.

Foundation Solutions 360 offers our services across the entire state of Michigan. Be sure to contact us today and ask about our free, no-obligation foundation inspections.